We Have Some Interesting Critters in Texas

I’ve encountered some curious critters in my travels over the years.  Recently, though, I discovered a couple of unusual little guys that I thought were especially cool.

Leaf Moth on my wall

Leaf Moth at the Studio

First is this fascinating moth that looks just like a wrinkled, dried leaf.  I couldn’t find an exact match for this little guy, so I don’t know exactly who or what he is.  If you know, send me a message or comment, OK?  I just thought he was very interesting, stuck to the side wall of the entrance to my studio.  No one else had noticed him, and some time later, he had flown away, but at least I documented him when I had the chance.
July 15, 2012 update:  Researching further, this little guy seems to be a Walnut Sphinx Moth.  I found this page of moth identification guide information to be very helpful.

Praying Mantis on my Leg

Praying Mantis on my leg

Even more strange was yesterday’s encounter with a very large Praying Mantis on the back porch at my stepdaughter’s house.  My grandson was fascinated (and a little unsure) of this “spider” that attached itself to grandpa’s watch / leg / etc.  But we both found it especially curious not only due to it’s size, but for it’s metallic silver wings.  Normally, the mantises I’ve seen in the past have been all green.  This one had what looked like a metal, cylindrical body at first glance.  On closer inspection, these turned out to be it’s wings.  Fascinating!

Praying Mantis attached to my watch

What the…?

Ryan (my grandson) did not quite know what to think about this “spider” attached to my watch.

Keep in mind I’m photographing these myself, while this critter is walking all over me…

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  1. Vicki Eggebrecht

    I just saw this leaf type moth attached to my screen in Mosinee WI. I have never seen this type of moth


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