Let Us Never Forget

September 11, 2011.  We Will Never Forget

The Twin Towers

On September 11, 2001, an evil attack against our nation claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians in what would prove to be the most catastrophic attack against this country since Pearl Harbor.  Thousands of men and women lost their lives that day, with countless others affected by the loss of their husbands, wives, children, parents and grandparents on this day that will forever live in infamy.

Let us never forget the brave  firefighters and police men and women who, without regard to their own safety, rushed into these unstable structures to save as many lives as possible.

We will never forget.

I was fortunate enough to be in New York in August of 2000, when I took this picture.  I had completely forgotten about it, when my wife and I were flipping through an album a few years later and opened the page to the three images that make up this series.  A chill went up my spine when I saw this for the first time in probably three years.

Photographed from the Statue of Liberty, each image captures a slightly different aspect of the Twin Towers.  A storm system had settled over New York City for several days, canceling flights and generally disrupting transportation.  The effect of the heavy cloud layer over the World Trade Center makes it look like the towers are fading away, while all the surrounding structures seem bright and vivid.  Hence the title “Prophecy 1” for the original of this image.

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