Selling Your Home? Photos Matter!

Not all Real Estate Photography is the same

Night Shot

Update Notice: I just added several new examples to this page from a recent shoot of a gorgeous new Darling Home in Frisco.  In these examples, the comparison is between my usual high-resolution professional photos and very time-consuming High-Def versions of the same location.  The difference is quite dramatic, so you may want to consider this approach for the next home you list.

My Real Estate comparison page vanished into the ether when I rebuilt the website last year and since I’ve recently been shooting a lot of residential Real Estate photography, I thought this was an opportune time to rebuild that page and upload it.

So here it is.

On this page you can see for yourself the difference in professional photography compared to the “average” shots found in most MLS listings.

Real Estate photography is something many people take for granted as being unimportant when selling their home. Nothing could be further from the truth. For many buyers, their first impression of your home will be the photos they see in your MLS listing. Most of these photos are taken by your agent, who is probably not a professional photographer. What’s the difference? Browse the images on my Residential Real Estate Photography page for examples. When you mouse over each image you will see the “average” compared to  what you can have when I shoot your home.

There is an enormous difference, for instance between photographing rooms with  a strobe to fill in the shadows and provide enough light to get a good exposure, compared to HDR photography which uses 5 or more images of the same scene stitched together to provide amazing detail in the highlights as well as the shadows – PLUS more vivid colors and overall detail of every aspect.  Combine this with an ultra wide-angle lens and you have a much more impressive view of the entire room vs. a partial room view like you get with the average lens.

Read This Article from the Wall Street Journal where research shows that homes over $300,000 definitely benefit from high quality Professional photography in their listings.

Some homes look great from the outside during the day.  Others, not so exciting, but at night with the landscape lighting turned on, they take on a much more dramatic quality.  This requires specialized equipment and a master’s touch to capture the magic of time-exposure architectural photography – something I have been perfecting for over 30 years.

Contact me for pricing. I can photograph your home day or night and produce vastly superior results compared to what you have seen in the past. If you watch the Today Show’s Barbara Corcoran and her Real Estate segments, pay attention to the photos of the featured homes. This is all Professional Photography. it makes an amazing difference.

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