Why I Am Never Without A Camera

I’ve gotten a lot of questions — and grief (from my wife) about the fact that I always have a camera with me.  Lots of people ask why I schlepp this heavy rig with me wherever I go.  The simple answer is: “I’m making up for lost time.”  A lot of lost time during the couple of decades where I did not document the world as I see it.  That bizarre span of time where I “hung up my cameras” in search of a more stable income for myself and my family.

During that time I founded and ran a few different companies and established myself in the community.  I created a stable income stream… and forgot my first love.  Photography.  The single creative outlet that really makes me want to get up the morning…  Or scurry about in the wee hours before dawn… in search of those elusive images that only I “see”.

When I had that epiphany in 2006.  That crashing awakening that caused me to pick up where I left off, I vowed never to miss another opportunity again to capture one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments occurring near me, due to the lack of a camera.

I have been a photojournalist on-and-off over many decades and having a camera handy just might get you published.  Having a quality camera might get you a Pulitzer Prize.

So here, in this post, I will start uploading some of those once-in-a-lifetime images I captured due to being in the right place at the right time.  … with a camera.


Caulking windows from a very precarious position

Window Caulking

Gas Well at Sunrise

Gas Well at Sunrise

Sunrise Landscapers

Mowing at Sunrise

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