New Web Design Complete

Well, it’s been a few weeks of grief (I hate web design – and I’m not all that good at it) but it had to be done and, FINALLY, the site is up and complete.  Then I found out the blog had a lot of links that wend Kaflooey (that’s the technical term) when the old gallery pages were deleted…


So I think most (hopefully all) are fixed and some blog entries updated with new links and tags.  So if you find something that doesn’t go where you think it should, please let me know so I can fix it.

I’ve gone for a much cleaner, streamlined website design.  No longer do I have hundreds of galleries with tens of thousands of images (I really built the old site as a storage location for my work).  Now it’s pared down to just 8 subjects with 12 images to choose from.  After you select a thumbnail in a gallery, you will be taken to a slideshow gallery.  The average gallery contains around 50 images and you can scroll through them by clicking the right or left arrows.  You can also click the Up arrow and see the entire gallery in a light table type display.

I hope you find the new site more friendly and enjoyable.

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