A Faster CF Card Reader Awaits…

You’d thing most memory card readers would be created equal, wouldn’t you? A couple of days ago I was transferring images from a CF (Compact Flash) card to my main Mac Pro workstation and it took over 2 hours to transfer 200-ish images.

(These are some very large files coming out of either of my newest Canon cameras, but TWO HOURS?!?!?!)

That got me to doing some research.

And yesterday the nice UPS man delivered my new card readers.

My shiny new Firewire reader accomplished the same transfer in under a minute. This only works if you have a Mac. Windows throttles back the Firewire top speed to something pathetic.

But if you are one of the bright souls with an Apple computer and you, too have a “need for speed”…

Click on the link below if you find yourself in the same situation:

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