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John Cipollina in Concert. Day on the Brown #1 - 1977

John Cipollina in Concert. Day on the Brown #1 – 1977

Due to a recent surge of energy in terms of restoring some archival images, I have relocated John Cipollina’s images from it’s original location on the Rock ‘n Roll page to it’s own gallery in preparation for the addition of many more images from these events in the mid-to-late 1970s.


This is a “work in progress” as I am still processing images from these events. Time has taken its toll on many of the originals and the cleanup and restoration process can be time-consuming.

John Cipollina, iconic member of Quicksilver Messenger Service and a fixture of the San Francisco music scene from it’s very beginning until his untimely death in 1989, was my friend. John was one of my guitar idols as a young musician and the day I met him in 1966 was a memorable high point in my life. We spent many years working together or just hanging out and I was fortunate enough to have not only called him a close friend, but to have recorded many of these moments for posterity. All of this material was scanned and digitized from the original 35mm film.

This gallery currently contains images of John and various other musicians he has collaborated with, including his brother, Mario Cipollina, Greg Douglass, Pam Tillis and Tim Timmermans.  Stay tuned for new additions.


  1. Brian Wilson

    Hi, i was wondering on how to contact Mario Cipollina was trying to get an autograph, could you help ?



    1. Photog (Post author)

      Hi Brian.

      Mario is on Facebook, so you could try him there. At one time I had all his phone numbers, but that was a lot of years in the past. I lost track of him many years ago after we relocated to Texas.

      He still lives in Marin, but travels a lot, as he’s in high demand, being one of the best bass players in the business.


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