Gallery Updates as September Draws to a Close

Fire Ball Ride

Fire Ball Ride

It’s been a busy week or so, with some projects I’ve been planning for a long time out of the way.  And a couple of opportunities – as well as the occasional detour or two allowing me to add some new images to my galleries.

Top of my list was the Texas State Fair.  We hadn’t been there in 10 years and I wanted a shot of Big Tex for my upcoming book on Texas, so off we went this last Monday night.  The fair was everything we’d remembered, but quieter – the advantage of going on a week night instead of a weekend day.  If you go, be sure to try the fried Peaches and Cream.  Excellent treat.  We elected not to try this years headline item, the Deep Fried Butter, as I’d like not to be going in for an arterial roto-rooter procedure any sooner than necessary.

Additionally, we spent the weekend at our friends’ home on Cedar Creek Lake, which gave me the opportunity to photograph the Gun Barrel City sign (seems the classic old billboard is long gone…) and the Crandall Cotton Gin on the way back (one of our favorite stops when we’re out on the Harley.)  Check it out when you’re down that way.  These images are in the Texas Gallery and one update to the Flora and Fauna Gallery.

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