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Of all the images I have captured in my many years behind the lens, easily the most sought-after is my image of a 1959 Cadillac tailfin.  This vivid, depiction of the icon of the 1950s-1960s era is dramatic and makes an excellent addition to almost any decor.

59 Caddy

59 Caddy

By popular demand I’ve assembled a small gallery of my related work on Cadillacs, Cadillac Ranch and some of the iconic pinup-style images that go along with this era – and you can see it right here.

Obviously, all images are copyrighted, but available for purchase in sizes from 16 x 20 up to wall-size.

The default Limited Edition size of the 59 Caddy (below) is roughly 24 x 36 and is now being released on pearlescent metallic paper which is absolutely stunning under halogen light or sunlight.  It looks almost three dimensional.  We also produce these in high gloss aluminum or sandwiched in acrylic for your garage or Man Cave / bar / restaurant / club.

Click on the 59 Caddy to view this small, but dramatic gallery.

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