Amazing Skies of Texas Gallery Uploaded

As you may or may not know, Texas has some of the most remarkable skies, cloud formations and weather to be found anywhere on earth.  As a member of the Skywarn spotter network, I spend a lot of my time looking UP to see what’s coming – or going in the skies above The Lone Star State.  Since I am never without a camera, this preoccupation (obsession?) with all things atmospheric results in what I think are some amazing photos.

Here in Texas we are fortunate to experience the entire range of the most remarkable and unusual cloud formations found on this planet, including Mammatus clouds, Asperetus Clouds, Helmhotz, Altocumulus Undulatus and of course Supercellular Anvil, Shelf and Cumulonimbus formations.

I upload new photos so our Facebook Page on a regular basis and cross-post these to some relevant weather sites and Texas-centric Facebook pages as well, but only recently put together a complete gallery on my primary website.

So here it is for y’all to enjoy for the very first time.

Obviously, all images are copyrighted, but available for purchase in sizes from 16 x 20 up to wall-size.

Click on the “Dragon Skull” cloud formation below for the full gallery:

Amazing Skies of Texas Gallery

Amazing Skies of Texas Gallery

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