Are You Fortunate Enough to be Cancer-Free?

Watching the local NBC Affiliate news program the other night, I saw this story about 12-year-old Leukemia patient, Jack Barker.  Jack discovered something as simple as a Snuggy can make all the difference to a kid stuck with a needle and a cold, liquid poison being pumped through his veins.  This brave little guy wants to raise enough money to give one of these simple solutions to every kid in the cancer ward at Children’s Medical Center Dallas.  Why not just the usual blanket?  Jack discovered the Snuggy not only keeps him warm, but gives him the freedom to use his hands for games, operating a computer or reading while being infused to treat his disease.  When the Snuggy company heard about his idea, they donated 100 of their products to his cause, but he needs a lot more.  As soon as I heard about his project, I felt compelled to donate some money to help.  It has always been my feeling that we should do whatever we can to make this world a better place, so something as simple as bringing some comfort to a child afflicted with a nasty disease seems like a no-brainer.  Seeing a story like this makes me grateful to not be dealing with what these kids are forced to endure.

If you are fortunate enough (or even if you’re not) to be cancer-free, Read Jack’s Blog to donate and make a difference this holiday season in a young child’s life.  A small thing for you may make a big difference to one of these kids fighting for their life.

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