Girls and Cars of Texas Gallery Updates

Kelsey and the 2008 Caliber SRT4

Kelsey and the 2008 Caliber SRT4

Now that I’ve healed up from shoulder surgery in August, and can lug the heavy camera gear I need for these shoots, I’ve been working on this project again as much as time and weather permit.  With the launch of the website a few months ago, I finally had a place to store and showcase the galleries associated with the book. The nice thing about the website is you get to see a lot more images than will ultimately show up in the book, so stop by from time to time to see what’s new.

The website is:

At this time, we have four recent galleries posted. From a trip we made down to Fredericksburg to photograph a private collection, to a night shoot at a local airport, to a couple of impromptu shoots at local car shows, there are some amazing cars, combined with a few pretty models.  Enjoy.

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