You’ve Never Seen Barns Like This!

As I explore my creative potential, the world around me takes on an entirely new look – at least to me.  Not that this is necessarily an entirely “new” thing.  I’ve always seen the world as a cartoon.  Perhaps this is Mel Blanc’s fault.  And maybe it’s the 60s that did it.  But whatever the cause, my view of “reality” is slightly (sometimes more) askew from what you see.  As a result, I spend more and more time tweaking my images to achieve a specific look.  Each image is different – and requires it’s own “touch” to convey the unique quality that drew me to compose this particular shot and release the shutter.

In so doing, I have set the stage for the metamorphosis to begin.  A lot of Photoshop, filtering, hand-editing and layers are required to achieve the final image.  This can be very time-consuming, but it is a labor of love.

I the case of this particular theme, the end result is… BarnZ!

  • BarnZ like you’ve never seen before.
  • BarnZ with colors and perspective unique in every way.
  • BarnZ foreign to our world.
  • BarnZ where I feel I am starting to convey the way I see our world.

So enjoy my BarnZ

BarnZ - Falling Down

BarnZ – Falling Down

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