Where do you shop online?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found online shopping to be incredibly convenient.  Now, as a member of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, of course I try and patronize local merchants as much as possible.  It’s good for my friends and good for the local economy.


There are some items you simply cannot find locally.  Or you may want to do some serious comparison shopping – and that’s just more easily done from your keyboard, than wasting a lot of expensive fuel (to say nothing of wear and tear on your nerves) driving all over hell’s half acre, looking for that special Valentines Day gift (as an example).

Out of all the online sources I use for shopping, I’ve found Amazon.com to be my favorite.  If you become a Prime member for seventy bucks a year, you can get two-day free shipping on most items.  That’s really nice – and I do it a lot.

So while there are lots of other places to shop (and I use them as well) my favorite so far is Amazon.com.

Click on the icon below to see how they stack up.

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