U R Invited – Art Exhibit Reception This Friday

Warren Paul Harris Art Exhibit Reception



Addison Conference Centre

June 16, 6-8 PM

We have nailed down the arrangements

And would love to see you there.

  • So Mark Your Calendars
  • Save the Date
  • And see us on June 16th in Addison

Twenty of my large prints are on display at the Conference Centre for at least the next month.

The reception for this exhibit will be held on June 16th from 6 to 8 PM.  At this time, there will be a jazz band, heavy hors d’oeurves and refreshments.

It’s an opportunity so see a large selection of my work all in one place, meet the artist (that would be me) and schmooze (and eat, of course)

RSVP by responding to this email.

Addison Conference and Theatre Centre
15650 Addison Rd.
Addison, TX 75001

Karen and I are both involved in some upcoming shows over the next few months.  My blog has the full schedule to date.

The best place to stay up to date on what I’m doing is FacebookMy blog also has current information.

Catch up with me on Facebook or Twitter < @WarrenPHarris > You never know what you will find when you travel.

My new blog is up and running as of yesterday.  Obliviots is primarily a social commentary (soapbox) site for me.  I have been adding as much archival material from the last 20+ years as I can scrape together.  Hopefully you will find it interesting.  It is pretty much guaranteed to offend someone.  Maybe everyone, eventually.  Or not.

The e-Commerce site is finally fully functional..  You can see it all here.  The inventory is pretty limited, but I am adding more every day.


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