The Grand Unveiling Date is Set

It’s been over eight months since I was contracted to produce my largest mural to date and we finally have a grand unveiling date for it.

The DFW Skyline was a commission from Delta Air Lines in April 2017.  This was a big project in more ways than one.  It was an offshoot from a similar skyline I produced for KTXD Ch 47 in 2013 which was 208″ wide by 96″ high.  Unfortunately I could not re-purpose this massive project (15 hours of editing time AFTER shooting all the images around midnight on two separate occasions).  The Delta commission was for a 288″ by 72″ mural.  24 feet wide!  But only six feet high.

So…  I needed to re-shoot most of Dallas one evening from three different vantage points.  Reunion tower alone took two hours of painstaking editing to create.  I shot it from the south at sunset to get the details of the building and the angle I wanted.  Then after dark I shot it from the levee to get the lights I wanted.  Then after removing the sky I hand-placed every single light to get the finished product.  And that’s just for one building.

The final image took over 20 hours of editing.

This is for the Delta Air Lines DFW Call Center.

The grand re-opening of their fully renovated center is January 18th.

Stay tuned for photos of the event.

Dallas Fort-Worth Skyline 2017

Dallas Fort-Worth Skyline 2017

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