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San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

You know how sometimes you think you’ve done something and find out “nope” – you didn’t?  Or you just get so busy dealing with “the 10,000 shocks the flesh is heir to” that little details (like paying bills) just slip through the cracks?  Well, I think one or more of those things must have happened after I finished editing the images from our trip to the Bay Area last July.

Interestingly enough, I never photographed the Golden Gate Bridge, even though I lived fifteen minutes from it for about twenty five years.  So, off we went last summer to make up for a little lost time and visit with friends and relatives.  We also took a little side trip down to Carmel by the Sea and photographed some interesting coastal scenery around Moss Landing on the way.  I’ve been fascinated by the big power plant at Moss Landing for decades (decommissioned in 1995) and now I have another goal accomplished.

In addition to the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll find a few images of Chinatown, Union Square and some random architecture.  Not a huge gallery or anything, but some very interesting images, captured in the City by the Bay on a typical, foggy, cold summer day.

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