My Latest, Unique Car Shoot

It’s not every day you are fortunate enough to see – let alone photograph and 1960s vintage Chevy Airport Limo.  Lucky me, one of my neighbors has just such a unique item – and it’s been in the family for 26 years.

Doorthy (no, that’s not a typo) is in mint condition, and has all eight side doors in working order.  When these rolled off the assembly line in 1962, only the driver’s door and the last door on the street side were operational.  The two in the middle were dummies.  Well, this wasn’t quite good enough for my friend Joe, so he decided to make Real doors out of the dummies and below is the result.

So on a very hot July morning, Joe and I and my friend Jamie, met in front of the old grain elevators in Old Town Frisco and spent about 30 minutes capturing over 130 images.  This is the most recent shoot for my upcoming coffee table book, The Girls and Cars of Texas.  Look over the website for more killer combinations of amazing cars and fabulous girls.

When it’s 95 degrees at 11::00 am you don’t want to dawdle…

Click on the photo for a small gallery with the highlights of this shoot.


Doorthy – the 1962 Chevy Airport Limo

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