Frisco Image February / March 2009 Cover and Article

Jan-Mar 2009 Frisco Image MagazineAny minute now you should find this issue in your mailbox (if you’re a Frisco resident, that is) and if you enjoy vintage / classic cars, this issue is one you don’t want to miss. We shot this in early January at several locations in Frisco and Pilot Point. Larry Freeman’s cars were the highlight of the project for me, and while I love vintage cars, the late-model Ford GT was what got my attention. Anyone who knows me would not be surprised… Larry’s collection includes two 1957 Chevy convertibles – one in red and one in turquoise, a pair of corvettes (one supercharged) 3 Model T and A Fords, a 1954 Jaguar 160 (you don’t see these every day) a 1953 Caddy and the star of the show, a black, with red interior 1959 Cadillac convertible (my favorite of all the Caddys). Be sure to check out the Automotive gallery for some stunning shots of the ’59. Not on the premises, unfortunately, were a pair (1967 and 1968) of white Shelby GT 500s.
We also shot Mike Tidwell’s collection of 60s and 70s GM collector cars and they are classic, especially the 1965 red SS. That really took me back. Another gem was the 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight, which reminded me of the 1972 Ford station wagon I once owned (same color and same front end styling, even though produced by two competing auto makers.)
What a treat. Be sure to read the article, written by Joe Munoz and check out my gallery for all the images not published in this issue.

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