Cooling Down at Frisco Commons

Little boy cooling down at Frisco Commons

Cooling down at Frisco Commons

Most people who know me can can attest to the fact that I am never without a camera.  For the sole reason I don’t want to miss capturing that magic moment that happens right when I don’t have a camera…

Yesterday, on the way home from the studio, I thought it would be interesting to see who would be crazy enough to be out in 98 degree heat at Frisco Commons, one of the City’s flagship public parks.  This slideshow is the result of acting on a hunch.  The story is on the Neighborsgo website under my profile

As the temperature climbs to triple digits, Frisco residents seek out options to stay cool – and frequently, wet.  Frisco Commons Park on McKinney Rd, built in 2004, and updated with a new water feature, fits the bill nicely for a growing number of residents.

With the mercury at 98 degrees yesterday, Frisco Commons had an unusual mix of kids taking advantage of this feature.  As a rule, the participants at the water park are 9 or 10 years old and under.  But with Monday’s temps edging in on 100, a squad of teenagers descended on the water park for some much-needed cooling off as parents of the little ones wisely watched from the shade.  One mother commented it was “nice to see the teenagers at the park.”  Everyone needs to find a way to stay cool in the Texas heat and Frisco Commons is a fun place to accomplish exactly that.

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