Chasing a Rainbow

A Rainbow with no rain...

Rainbow in Plano

I’ve certainly gotten more than my fair share of grief as a result of carrying a camera everywhere I go, but it pays off frequently enough to justify the ridicule.  Yesterday, as I was making my way up the surface streets in Plano (due to being stuck with a rental car and no toll tag) I noticed what I thought was a rainbow off the the east.  I thought “no way” – as there had been no precipitation  and the temperature was 106 degrees…  But as I made my way north on Midway and kept looking between buildings as I passed them, sure enough, there was a freakin’ rainbow!  Hot damn!  So now I had a mission.  Find something interesting to put between myself and this amazing freak of nature.  So off I go, weaving through traffic to try and reach my destination before the clouds to the western horizon can interfere with my target.

Sliding sideways into the gas station off the service road, I jump out of the car with the engine running, adjusting the camera settings as I go, and line up the water tower off Parkwood and Windhaven Pkwy with the rainbow to the northeast.  And this is the result.  Of course I had to find a couple more vantage points to shoot from, but as usual, the first location and composition turned out to be my favorite shot.

So this is why I always carry a camera.  And so should you.

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