Amazing Skies of Texas Gallery

Amazing Skies Looking East

Amazing Skies Looking East

Remember when you were a child and you’d lay on the grass, staring up at a cloudy sky looking for animal shapes?  Why did you stop?

For those of you who appreciate amazing skies and clouds, Texas is your Mecca.  If you haven’t gone outside and looked up today, you may well be missing out.

My Facebook Page has an Amazing Skies of Texas gallery that is updated regularly.

One of the advantages of The Lone Star State is our big (really big) sky.  As a result of having no mountains in most of the state, we have an unobstructed view of a vast expanse of sky, which in the Spring and Summer months is frequently scattered with beautiful, fluffy white cumulus clouds (you’ll see lots of these in my gallery).  This makes for a stunning vista in most any direction you look.

And then there are the storms…  Since we are in Tornado Alley, we get some pretty remarkable weather, which only serves to enhance our skies with cumulonimbus, mammatus, anvil and asperatus clouds that are nothing short of jaw-dropping in many cases.

So for more like the image below, check out my Facebook gallery!

Storm Rays

Storm Rays


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