The Savage Prints Available Here

Earlier this year I negotiated the rights to reprint this classic horse racing image by Adam Coglianese.

The Savage

This iconic photograph in an Eclipse Award winning photo taken at Tremont in 1980.  In this capture, Great Prospector is savaging the winner, Golden Derby as they head into the home stretch.  Photo taken by Bob Coglianese and Copyright  Adam Coglianese, I have obtained the rights to reprint this image on canvas in a 24×30 format only.

If you would like a copy of this amazing shot, order it RIGHT HERE.  It looks absolutely incredible on canvas.

24×30 monochrome print on canvas for $350.00 + tax

The Savage

The Savage


  1. Rich Coglianese

    My name is Rich Coglianese. My father was Bob Coglianese’s cousin. I worked for Bob the summer of 1980 and set up the tripod and pressed the shutter on this famous shot. Bob owns the picture but I’m the R. Coglianese that took it. Is there anyway I can get a copy other than buying a $350 print?

  2. srfotog

    They should give you as many prints as you want!

    1. Photog (Post author)

      I’m not sure what you mean by this.

  3. Debbie Williams

    How can I order this print, price and the size, thanks

  4. Photog (Post author)

    There is a link in the post to order the prints.


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