Vortex Abstracts

In the process of editing my gallery of images, I decided on an entirely new approach in terms of producing an identifiable style and size of print I can reproduce reasonably and with a consistent size as well as style.  This has resulted in the Vortex Abstract Series.

The images in this series all have a similar (although each is uniquely processed) style and are produced in 4 sizes of framed prints:

  • 12″ Square (unlimited edition) – $77.00
  • 24″ square  / 34″ Diagonal (Limited Edition of 100) – $777.00
  • 36″ Square  / 52″ Diagonal (Limited Edition of 100) – $1,777.00
  • 42″ Square  / 60″ Diagonal (Limited Edition of 100) – $3,177.00

This makes for a nice grid-style display.  All images are distinct with vivid contrasting colors and elements which make a dramatic impact.

Diamond pattern Vortex installation

2×2 Diamond Vortex installation

We are producing framed Limited Editions of these prints.  Feel free to contact me for availability.

The gallery of available images is right here.

A new website is being launched, dedicated exclusively to my digital art.  Stay tuned for the announcement


Liquid Neon

Liquid Neon

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