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Painkillers that can ruin your life

Painkillers that can ruin your life

A Partial  List of painkillers utilized  to help with back pain include:

Norco (Hydrocodone combined with Acetaminophen)
Comes in 5/325, 7.5/325, 10/325   I found I liked Norco under the right conditions.  It’s effective for me and doesn’t make me feel stupid.

Vicodin (very similar to the above)
Comes in 5/500 , Vicodin ES7.5/750, and Vicodin HP 10/660.

Oxycodone  / Oxycontin is an opiate in either short-acting or time-release dosages from 5 – 80 mg and designed to provide around-the-clock pain relief. The time-release is frequently combined with short-acting Oxycontin to handle extreme pain.  Effective, but just made me feel B.A.D.  I Hated Oxy.

Morphine  (and MS-Contin)- available in dosages from 15-200 mg – also available in both short-acting and time-release, probably the best-known of the opiate painkillers. and perhaps the most addicting.  It is very effective at blocking pain.  This was a very effective time-release product for me, combined with Norco.

Note:  NEVER cut time-release medications in half to get a reduced dose.  This will release far too much narcotic into your system at once and it can have toxic / fatal results.  Always discuss changes in your medications with your Prescribing Physician before making any changes.  Drugs that can be cut in half to reduce their strength generally are scored across the middle to simplify this process.  However…  Check with your Doctor First.

Methadone –  – originally developed to wean heroin addicts off the illegal drug.  It has a similar effect to a standard narcotic – and is an effective painkiller.  I’m pretty sure this is the one that made me fall asleep while standing up having a conversation with my daughter…

Duragesic Patch is a skin patch that delivers a pre-measured dosage of Fentanyl into the bloodstream.  Very effective for some.  This gave me headaches.  And not the kind I can tolerate.

With all of these products, the list of potential side-effects is staggering.  All of them are capable of causing mood disorders, plus a very long list of other not-so-amusing alterations in your life.  The short list:

  • Depression
  • Falling asleep at dinner (or in your food)
  • Falling asleep at social engagements
  • Sexual dysfunction (as if things weren’t bad enough already)
  • Loss of memory
  • Constipation (one more thing to juggle)
  • Swollen prostate (see below)
  • Incomplete urination (more drugs needed to control this)
  • Shallow breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of balance
  • 6/25/2012:  Requirement for other medications to counteract side-effects of the painkillers can become like a daily pop-quiz on Biology.  Especially for men.  The swollen prostate problem is just loads of fun all by itself.  Read my Article for more information.

Go to This Site for more information than you ever knew existed on this topic.


  1. Howard Foster

    What a long sad story. I know you have a long journey ahead of you, but hope this provides a more permanent fix to your problems.

  2. Jadyn Harris

    I’ll be there and we’ll all get you through this together. I know you feel alone in your pain, but we are here. See you tomorrow!

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