nfts Now Available on Opensea

New Art and Old Classics Now Listed on Opensea

Over the last year or so, I have been returning to my roots of geometric and fractal design.  I used to do this kind of art over 50 years ago by hand.  Now in a computer – and frequently on a tablet, I have been creating psychedelic art and animations that have been receiving rave reviews from my social media followers.  While I can print these like anything else – and have two of them in our gallery, they lend themselves quite well to being marketed as digital only (nft) art.  And so, I needed to wade into the crypto world and decide how to proceed.
I’ve been wrestling with the idea of selling my art as nfts (Non Fungible Tokens), as that has become incredibly popular over the last few years.
It’s a lot of work to create, mint and sell them, which has largely contributed to not doing this sooner.  But before you can even consider creating an nft, first you have to acquire some cryptocurrency and get it safely tucked away in a wallet (a digital wallet – not the kind that fits in your pocket – or purse).  And that can be a lengthy process.  And it is not immediate.
But finally I managed to get all that set up and a small amount of crypto in my account.
And I have my growing collection of nfts safely parked in an Opensea account.
If y’all want to take a look at the current inventory, follow this link.

Most of my current work is published on Instagram.

A word of warning to anyone on Instagram.  As soon as you start posting anything of interest, you will get a flood of activity which will contain multiple offers to “promote” your work.  They will be something like “promote it on…” “send me pic”, etc.  Do NOT respond to these “offers”.  They are ALL scams.  Anyone offering to add 1k followers is going to stuff your account with scads of fake / useless Instagram accounts that will do nothing for you.  There are serious agencies who can help for the appropriate amount of money.  But these scams abound.  So DON’T respond to them.  Block them from your account.

You can follow me here:

If you are considering getting into the nft market and are not sure where to start, stay tuned, as I plan on a blog on exactly that topic.  Having now figured it out, and not finding any useful help on the web, I feel it is my duty to help others accomplish the same thing.

Some of my current collection:




And then of course, there are some animations. These are all very short, averaging around 16 seconds. I have a couple of longer compilations on my YouTube channel, set to some appropriately trippy music by Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre. If you enjoy my work, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to know what the latest additions are.




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