New Website Launched for Digital Art

Since more of my work is headed in the direction of original digital art and not remotely photographic in nature, it seemed a new website / identity was required.  Several domains are registered and parked as a result and is currently the active domain for this unique content.  While it’s not complete or even fully functional just yet, there are some full galleries online for you to browse.  The updates and news will continue to be published right here.  This is our clearing house for all Press Releases and news regarding any information relative to my creative endeavors.

So keep your eyes peeled for updates and take a look at the new galleries when you have a few minutes.

And check out the new site.  This is the location for my Visceral Vulcan series of abstract art, the Vortex abstract art series and my Alien Vistas project.


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Vivid Pixelz dot Net

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