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Frisco PD Glass Sculpture

Frisco PD Glass Sculpture

6/30/2010: Added several images of the Hall Office Park sculptures taken last week.

6/26/2010: Update posted to this gallery as a result of re-shooting the Central Frisco Fire Station last week.

As most of you know by now, I spend a fair amount of time studying and photographing Frisco, Texas.   Partially because it’s where I live, but mostly because it’s interesting.  Frisco is an architecturally diverse city with a great many intriguing buildings, parks and public art.  Over the years I’ve shot a number of projects for The City, Frisco Square and numerous local publications.  My old gallery went the way of the dinosaurs when the website got the “big facelift” earlier this year and, since I’ve been adding a lot of new material lately, it seemed like a good time to create a shiny new gallery.

So here’s the new smattering of images from my collection.  Needless to say, this is maybe 1% of the sum total of images in my library.  If you love this City and have an interest in any of these images – or something you don’t see here… Let me know and I’ll see what I have in the archives.

This will change over time and be rebuilt every time I have a significant number of images to add.

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