Fredericksburg Classic-Classy Car Shoot





I’m working on a book project. Strictly TF, but you’ll be published. A coffee table book on the Girls and Cars of Texas. I already have lots of girls in the book, but a shortage of the cars I want, so I’m working on that before the weather becomes too cold.

No $$$, but with the cars and locations we’re using, you’ll get to meet some interesting and wealthy Texans in the process – and you’ll be published – and I can guarantee almost every breathing male in Texas will want this book (every single one who’s seen the prototype version has tried to buy it)

On the weekend of October 24th, I will be spending the weekend in Fredericksburg to photograph an amazing collection of classic cars, including a 1951 Rolls Royce and a Ferrari Dino. There will be around 30+ cars just in the main location – belonging to the same collector. We may be shooting 2 other collections that weekend as well. We have One Model Place and Model Mayhem models from Austin lined up for this shoot already, but need more. Shooting dates are October 24th and 25th.

Attire is entirely miniskirts / minidresses. Colors, styles vary depending on the car. We’ll want some pinup shots for some of the older cars.

  • Looking for a model with an armed forces shirt-dress for the RR in Fredericksburg. We may also shoot some Dusenberg’s on that trip – same attire – or business suit / miniskirt theme.
  • A black leather miniskirt with crisp white shirt and black stockings is one look we’re definitely after.
  • LBD and schoolgirl attire also good for this shoot.
  • Bright colored dresses / skirts are great. Patterns too.
  • Anything 60’s or Mod could be fun for some of the cars.

Classy-sexy is the theme.

Whatever we do, it’s always fun. Nothing like pretty girls and killer cars to create fun for everyone.

MUAs – Stylists: We can certainly use all the help we can get. You’ll get credit in the book and some killer shots for your ports. Let me know if you’re interested.

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