ArtMart 2021 Here We Come!

Great news!

Once again, we have been juried in to ArtMart Dallas.

This is our 4th year for either Warren Paul Harris, Karen Harris or both to be exhibiting at this historic Dallas venue on White Rock Lake.

For the last several years, we have been exhibiting as the HarrisArt Dallas collective, so you will always see a combination of our different approaches to art at any event.

Look for HarrisArt in the main gallery (diagram below).

We will be exhibiting some new work by Warren Paul Harris and Karen Harris.  Since opening our new gallery in September, we have been creating some dramatic new artwork.  If you couldn’t make it to our grand opening last weekend, this is an opportunity to see some of what you missed.  As usual, Warren will be signing and personalizing copies of Texas As I See it for sale at this event.  He will also have fine art face masks, bolo ties and heavy coasters.

Show hours

  • Friday November 19th:  7-9 PM

  • Saturday November 20th:  Noon to 6 PM

  • Sunday November 21st:  Noon to 6 PM


Bath House Cultural Center
521 E Lawther Dr.
Dallas, TX 75218

Painted Dallas Skyline by Warren Paul Harris

Dallas Painted Skyline

 Painted Dallas Skyline



This painted skyline of Dallas is being exhibited in a 42×17 framed limited edition for the first time.  It is currently being assembled in the workshop just for this show.








“Warrior” by Karen Harris




Karen will be exhibiting some new original oil paintings along with coasters and reproductions.

The painting to the left is her most recent creation, titled “Warrior”.  It is being exhibited – and for sale.  But cannot be picked up until we master it for reproduction sometime the week after ArtMart.

This was taken with a Samsung phone while the paint was still wet.  It does not do the painting justice.

You need to see this in person!


Christmas cards are in short supply everywhere due to supply chain interruption.  We still have a fair inventory of holiday themed cards, so come early if you are interested in these.

We hope to see you there!

Get more information on ArtMart 2021 here.


















Main Gallery Diagram:

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