Alien Vistas Series

A new project I’ve been working on is my Alien Vistas Series. (Just moved to my new Digital Art site) Early on in my exploration of the art of photography, some of my work took on a similar style.  In the interest of commercial broad appeal, I detoured from that dark, strange, other-worldly look to a more “pure” style – but with some added processing to bring up the detail and contrast.  This is why many of my images receive the comment “I feel like I can reach into the picture”.  My goal has been to produce hyper-real (or über-real) images over the last two or three years.  And I’m very happy with the final product.

But I really like the dark side…  The vivid colors combined with hyper-realistic details – the metallic surfaces, that I am able to achieve with some serious investment of time, combined with very powerful processing tools.

So back to one of my original favorite themes – the Alien Landscape.

Enjoy the gallery.  It’s a growing concern, as I re-process archival images and shoot new ones specifically for this project.

Alien Beach Scene 3

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