Commercial Photography

I Don't Do Weddings

Anything else is probably OK. Just no weddings.

I have shot for almost every local newspaper, Frisco Image magazine and La Semaine magazine in Canada.
High School Sports are a favorite subject for me. If you would like a personalized shoot of your team or player, let's talk. I routinely shoot Rock 'n Roll concerts and events of every kind (except weddings).
Refer to the About Us page for the long list of services I will be happy to provide for you.

A substantial library of my Fine Art photography is available directly from this website. I specialize in Texas images, but I also have a substantial body of work comprising Tuscany, Alaska, Ireland, NYC, San Francisco, Route 66, Rock and Roll icons, fashion and glamour, architecture and automotive photography.

Goto My eCommerce Site to browse and purchase my work from the convenience of your own computer. If you see anything in my galleries you are interested in, send me an email or pick up the phone and give me a call.

I maintain a full-time studio in Richardson, Texas which I use for portrait, head shots, product photography and fashion / glamour shoots. I will also bring the studio to you with a full complement of lights, modifiers, backdrops and stands. I frequently do this for on-site executive portraits and promotional photography.

Golf Carts

Equipment List

An abbreviated listing of the arsenal of photography equipment with which I capture the myriad images that that are my stock in trade. This is by no means a complete inventory, but you get the idea...



Lenses ( Canon )
70-200 f2.8 IS
24-70 f2.8
12-24 Sigma
50mm f1.8
85mm f1.4

Full array of Alien Bees and Zeus studio strobes in various configurations, including ring flash

Umbrellas up to 84", Softbox, grids, gels...

An assortment of stands / booms

Remote trigger system and much, much more
Studio Backgrounds

Seamless paper in rainbow of colors, hand-painted muslin backgrounds

Golf Carts

Food Photography

Golf Carts

Architectural Photography


For more examples, contact us. We have many galleries online that are not indexed here.

For original abstract fine art by Karen Harris, go to her website:

Frisco Image 2008 Dec/Jan Cover October 2008 Frisco Image

2009 January Cover Cover 2

La Semaine Magazine Groundbreaking