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Another Brick In The Wall Vortex Abstract

by on Sep.13, 2016, under Instructional, News, Photo Du Jour, Projects, Recent Projects

Another Brick In The Wall

This is one of the latest in my Vortex series of digital art / photo-manipulation.

What I don’t usually reveal is the source material for these digital abstracts. In many cases I have even forgotten the original image I used to create them. On occasion I have to find the master file and examine the metadata to figure it out if and when the topic comes up.

Since this one is fresh in my mind, I thought I would give y’all a little insight into my process.

The original image is from the inner basement area of the old Sears Building, now known as South Side on Lamar in the heart of Dallas. I explored this area back in December of 2008 with the idea of using it for some edgy modeling photography. There are several images from the research trip that I have used, one of which is in my first coffee table book, Texas As I See It.

This is the original unedited, un-retouched image:

Photoshop manipulation is next.

  • The original image is cropped to a square that contains the elements I think will achieve the desired effect.
  • The square is resized to a pixel count I feel will hold up to printing up to 42″ wide for my largest editions.
  • This image is enhanced to bring up detail, color and shadow / highlight detail.
  • Multiple layers are created to work from.
  • A master layer is twisted to a degree I think is effective for the elements in the image
  • A duplicate layer is created from the new master.
  • Both new master layers are edited for exposure, saturation and hue.
  • Layers are tweaked for blending effects and then a master file is saved with the layers intact.
Square version of Another Brick in the Wall

Square version of Another Brick in the Wall


In the case of square Vortex editions, this version may be further enhanced, tuned and may have adjustment layers created to produce the final image.

In today’s illustration, I have decided I want this one as a diamond-shaped image.

  • This version is then rotated 45 degrees
  • It is cropped and resized again
  • Brightness, exposure, saturation, dodging and burning are finalized at this point
  • This is the master used to print from
  • I save it as such and name it accordingly
  • A new layer is added below the master and filled with white
  • The master is rotated back 45 degrees for purposes of producing the preview you see below
  • The preview image has its resolution changed to something appropriate for websites and email
  • A drop shadow is added
  • In Photoshop the Save to Web and Devices option is employed to create the efficient file size needed for web / email use


The final result is this:

Another Brick in the Wall

The most time-consuming part of this was crafting the 3 dimensional brick and blending it to achieve the effect I was after.

There are right around 370 editions of Vortex images in the collection at this time. Most of them are online to be browsed, but the complete collection is not available in one place at this time. It takes a lot of routine maintenance to keep the website up to date and I just haven’t had the time.

If you want to see more of this series, you can find a fairly complete collection at www.vividpixelz.net

You can send me an email, text or just use the old-fashioned method of picking up the phone if you have questions about this or any of my other work.

The Vortexes are in two different styles. The diamond-shape like this one and square versions. Both are designed to be displayed in a grid. They come in 24, 36 and 48 inch sizes for the square style. The diamond shapes measure 34, 48 and 60 inches when hanging.

Vortex Diamond Grid

These are the 34″ diamond vortexes

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New Patterns Added to Our Clothing Line

by on Apr.29, 2016, under Exhibitions, gallery updates, News, Projects, Recent Projects

As a lot of people know by now, we have a fulfillment site that takes our images and creates an array of wearables, household items and skins / cases for electronics.  Over the last few months we have been building out our offerings with some dramatic new abstract / geometric art images.  At the same time, our vendor has been adding some great new items to their library, so I thought I would take some screen grabs and post them here for you to get an idea of what we can provide.

Vortex Blue Scarab D

Vortex Blue Scarab D

To start with, I have recently been taking some of my newest complex Vortex abstract images and creating repeating patterns.  These are painstakingly crafted to create a master image and then resized for their destination products.

See our full selection on our e-commerce site.

We are constantly adding new images and products.

In our wearables we have:

  • Pencil Skirts
  • Chiffon Tops
  • Unisex T-Shirts
  • Women’s T-Shirts
  • Several Styles of Women’s shirts
  • Chiffon Tops
  • Graphic T-Shirts
  • Zipper Hoodies
  • Pullover Hoodies
  • Leggings
  • Scarves
  • Children’s Clothes

Household Items:

  • Coffee Mugs
  • Travel Mugs
  • Throw Pillows
  • Duvet Covers
  • Tote Bags
  • Studio Pouches
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Spiral Notebooks
  • Hardcover Journal
  • Stickers


  • iPhone Case / Skins
  • Galaxy Case / Skins
  • Laptop Case / Skins
  • iPad Case / Skins

Here are some screenshots:



Golden Scarab Duvet-Cover

Golden Scarab Throw Pillow

Golden Scarab Throw Pillow

Golden Scarab Tote Bag

Golden Scarab Tote Bag




Golden Scarab Spiral Notebook

Golden Scarab Coffee Mug

Golden Scarab Coffee Mug


Golden Scarab Travel Mug


Golden Scarab Galaxy Phone Case

Golden Scarab Laptop Skin

Golden Scarab Laptop Skin


Neon Boot Leggings

Golden Scarab Leggings

Golden Scarab Leggings



Vortex Blue Scarab Skirt

Vortex Blue Scarab Skirt

Vortex Hearts in a Tempest Skirt

Vortex Hearts in a Tempest Skirt

Social Distortion Pencil Skirt

Social Distortion Pencil Skirt

Shiva Vortex Skirt

Shiva Vortex Skirt

Vortex Neon Skirt

Vortex Neon Skirt

Vortex Voodoo Love Pencil Skirt

Vortex Voodoo Love Pencil Skirt

Vortex StainGlass2 Pencil Skirt

Vortex StainGlass2 Pencil Skirt

Karen modeling a floral Pencil Skirt

Karen modeling a floral Pencil Skirt

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New Slideshow Galleries Posted

by on Aug.22, 2013, under gallery updates, News

Well it’s been a long three days, but I’m finally finished upgrading all the web galleries to a new slideshow format.

In the past, our online galleries were Flash-based, which meant they were not compatible with Apple’s IOS-based portable devices.  The reason I haven’t rectified this issue sooner, is that building the new galleries requires a lot of painstaking manual effort.  The Flash galleries are an automated process that takes less than 2 minutes per gallery.

In the process of upgrading the galleries, the home page received a complete makeover which includes a slideshow of images above a grid of large thumbnails for the various disciplines I market.

Stop by and take a look.  Let me know what you think.

Our Texas As I See It site has also received slideshow galleries.  Vivid Pixelz as well.

The next step is to create fully mobile-compliant subdomains for the Smart Phone market.  Stay tuned

This is what the new gallery display looks like:

TreZ Gallery

TreZ Gallery










Quick Links to some tertiary galleries:

Austin 8/23/2013



Celina 8/23/2013

San Francisco

Route 66

Rustic (8/23/2013)



SignZ of Our TimeZ

Music Lessons

Freelight (70’s Jazz with Pam Tillis, Jarrett Washington, Tim Timmermans and John Cipollina – 8/23/2013)

John Cipollina and Friends 8/23/2013

Sly Stone 8/23/2013


Alien Vistas


Oil and Gas 8/23/2013

Texas Flags


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A Diamond Vortex Installation

by on Apr.11, 2012, under Exhibitions, Instructional, News, Recommendations

To illustrate the “grid-able” methodology behind my “Vortex” series of geometrical abstracts, I’ve installed a simple 2×2 grid created from four complimentary 34″ diagonal Vortexes.  Naturally, this method can be applied to fewer units — or many more.  And the installation can contain complimentary colors as in this photo, or contrasting hues to create tension and drama.

Diamond pattern Vortex installation

2x2 Diamond Vortex installation

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Join Us In Deep Ellum This Weekend

by on Apr.06, 2012, under Art Shows, Events, Exhibitions, News

For those not intimately familiar with the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, it is located in the Deep Ellum entertainment district of Dallas, where six blocks of Main Street are transformed into one enormous street festival featuring 200 juried artists, 100 bands on 5 different stages — and 30 restaurants.

This will be our first year exhibiting at Deep Ellum and our new booth is loaded with examples of some of my finest – and newest creations.

Naturally we will have work from my book on Texas.  But we will be exhibiting, the new Vortex series, and for the first time, some of the recently-introduced Tr?Z collection and NYC images.

We will also have a large supply of my Coffee Table Book Texas As I See It — and — a vast assortment of our Fine Art note cards from Texas, Route 66 and NYC.

So come on down and enjoy this perfect Spring weekend.

We are in booth 184, near the Good Latimer end of the festival.

Exhibitor Area Hours:
Friday, April 6, 2012 • 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.*
Saturday, April 7, 2012 • 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m*.
Sunday, April 8, 2012 (Easter) • 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
*Note the Festival will remain open until 10:30p.m. around the entertainment stages and we will be there as late as people want to purchase our wares.

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One Man Show Opens at Tarleton’s Langdon Center

by on Mar.27, 2012, under Art Shows, Events, Exhibitions, News

Differential Eclecticism

A one man show featuring an eclectic variety of my work, including examples from my abstract “Vortex” series, the Tr?Z collection and some contemporary photography runs April 2nd through the 25th at Langdon Center in Granbury.

This will be the first formal show exhibiting prints from the Vortex collection and the first time anywhere to show images from my newest Tr?Z project.  Winter trees have always been a favorite of mine due to being able to actually appreciate the native structure of the tree – unencumbered by leaves.  I prefer shooting historic buildings in Winter for this same reason: you can see “through” the surrounding trees and better grasp the entire structure.

This resulted in exploring vivid, dramatic processing to ultimately produce the Tr?Z styling.  Dramatic, vivid and visceral, this series will introduce the viewer to winter trees as they have never been seen before.

Lone Teal

Lone Teal













The Vortex collection has been a work in progress since the beginning of 2012.  Created primarily with the designer market in mind, this series is characterized by symmetrical, dramatic and vivid images in diamond or square configurations.  Available in four sizes, the Vortex series will fit virtually any wall space or budget.


Vortex: Eighty-Eight




While this show technically “opens” on April 2nd, the collection will be open to the public on March 31st during the monthly Last Saturday Gallery Night  from 5-9 pm.

Stop by and say “Howdy.”









Vortex: Seventy-Nine





So if you’re in the Granbury neighborhood, check out Langdon Center.

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New Website Launched for Digital Art

by on Jan.29, 2012, under gallery updates, News

Since more of my work is headed in the direction of original digital art and not remotely photographic in nature, it seemed a new website / identity was required.  Several domains are registered and parked as a result and VividPixelz.net is currently the active domain for this unique content.  While it’s not complete or even fully functional just yet, there are some full galleries online for you to browse.  The updates and news will continue to be published right here.  This is our clearing house for all Press Releases and news regarding any information relative to my creative endeavors.

So keep your eyes peeled for updates and take a look at the new galleries when you have a few minutes.

And check out the new site.  This is the location for my Visceral Vulcan series of abstract art, the Vortex abstract art series and my Alien Vistas project.


Pixel Musings Logo

Vivid Pixelz dot Net

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Vortex Abstracts

by on Jan.16, 2012, under gallery updates, News, Recent Projects

In the process of editing my gallery of images, I decided on an entirely new approach in terms of producing an identifiable style and size of print I can reproduce reasonably and with a consistent size as well as style.  This has resulted in the Vortex Abstract Series.

The images in this series all have a similar (although each is uniquely processed) style and are produced in 4 sizes of framed prints:

  • 12″ Square (unlimited edition) – $77.00
  • 24″ square  / 34″ Diagonal (Limited Edition of 100) – $777.00
  • 36″ Square  / 52″ Diagonal (Limited Edition of 100) – $1,777.00
  • 42″ Square  / 60″ Diagonal (Limited Edition of 100) – $3,177.00

This makes for a nice grid-style display.  All images are distinct with vivid contrasting colors and elements which make a dramatic impact.

Diamond pattern Vortex installation

2×2 Diamond Vortex installation

We are producing framed Limited Editions of these prints.  Feel free to contact me for availability.

The gallery of available images is right here.

A new website is being launched, dedicated exclusively to my digital art.  Stay tuned for the announcement


Liquid Neon

Liquid Neon

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