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Dallas Fort Worth Skyline Triptych

by on Apr.13, 2017, under News, Projects, Recent Projects

The Saga of the Dallas Fort Worth Skyline Triptych

My most recent project is the result of a commission by Delta Airlines for a 24 foot wide by 6 foot high mural of Dallas and Fort Worth combined.

I had done a similar combination for KTXD TV in 2013, but theirs was 208″ wide by around 96″ high.  It could not be repurposed to the new dimensions of 288″ x 73″ – so… Back to the drawing board, so to speak.

DFW Skyline 2013

Original DFW Skyline 2013

I could re-use only a couple of the original elements in the original skyline, which meant going out to re-shoot lots of buildings and add some images from recent shoots of both cities.  The most complicated elements were the Calatrava bridge (cutting it out of the background took the better part of an entire day) and Reunion Tower.  Reunion Tower is a composite of two images.  First, I shot it from the south side on a parking garage at sunset so I could get the detail of the column itself and the reflective blue-green of the outer walls.  Then I shot the entire structure at night from the levee with a 400mm lens to get a tight high detail shot + the lights in all their glory.  Then.  And here’s the fun part.  I pasted every single light into place over the sunset exposure after cutting the tower out of the sky.  That took a very long time, as you might imagine.  It’s also pretty tedious work.  I love the result, though.  Another of my creations that you can never find in nature.

In this incarnation of the DFW Skyline, I added in the most recent Supermoon from 2016.  It was the largest Supermoon in decades and the detail of it was superior to the original.  I had wanted to include one in the version for KTXD, but London Broadcasting preferred it with the ghosted Texas flag and no moon.

The final image looks like this:

Dallas Fort-Worth Skyline 2017

Dallas Fort-Worth Skyline 2017

Now, since this composition is so wide and short, it becomes a serious problem to produce, handle, transport and install.  As a result, the version I am marketing is a triptych, available in three sizes only.  These are Limited Editions, signed and numbered.

A 6′ wide set of 3 panels limited edition of 15 (on aluminum) for $1500

A 12′ wide set of 3 panels limited edition of 15 (on aluminum) for $3250

A 4′ wide single sheet limited edition of 25 (on aluminum) with the legend below it for $995

If you are interested in either one, send me a message or pick up the phone and call me at


The triptych version is rearranged slightly to allow it to be divided:

DFW Skyline Triptych

DFW Skyline Triptych


The single panel 48″ version with legend:

Dallas Fort-Worth Skyline Legend

Dallas Fort-Worth Skyline Legend




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Dallas, Texas

by on Dec.24, 2016, under Exhibitions, gallery updates, News, Photo Du Jour, Projects, Recent Projects

Almost 3 years ago we made the move 20 miles south from Frisco to Dallas.  We did this for a long list of reasons, but primarily for the culture.  We wanted to be closer to the Arts and Design Districts – and Deep Ellum.  Places where creative people congregate.  We also like the feel of Dallas in general.  We feel like we belong here.  In North Dallas we are 15 minutes from almost anything we are interested in and we don’t need toll roads to get there.  Surface streets provide excellent, swift access.

For about 10 years now, I have been capturing Texas in all its glory.  The minutiae is what fascinates me the most, as is evidenced in my first coffee table book, Texas As I See it.  Dallas, on the other hand, does everything on a bigger-than-life scale.  As a result, the Dallas skyline was awarded Best International Skyline status in a USA Today poll.   And it just keeps getting better as more and more structures add dramatic computer controlled lighting.  The addition of the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and the completion of the Omni Hotel were the defining moments in the evolution of the skyline in my opinion.

On various occasions since 2010 I have captured this amazing skyline.  In 2013 I had a commission to create a backdrop for KTXD TV in Dallas.  The concept was a composite Dallas / Fort Worth Skyline, which ended up being a 15 hour editing project after capturing new images around midnight on two different nights.  The result is a 204 inch wide sunrise skyline with the Texas Flag ghosted into it.

DFW Skyline

DFW Skyline

During this process I also created individual skylines of each city and produced a highly idealized version of the Dallas skyline complete with the Supermoon from 2013.  Since then I have re-shot the ever-evolving cityscape of Dallas on several occasions.  Naturally, whenever there is a Supermoon, going out to re-shoot is a good idea, as there is no better backdrop for this celestial event than Dallas.

This year I went out to capture the Beaver Moon over the skyline along with several hundred other amateur and professional photographers.  The results were fairly dramatic, but the view from the levee does not provide a complete cityscape.  Some crucial elements get left out – like the Omni Hotel.

The image below has become very popular in recent months.  This is the origin of the combination skyline and I had completely forgotten about it.  During an art show where I was exhibiting Oz, a client requested a night sky cityscape.  I looked through my Facebook gallery and resurrected this one.  As a result I have printed, delivered and installed several of these recently.  The largest one measures 86″ wide by 40″ high and is installed in an office building in Dallas.

2015 Dallas Skyline Supermoon

2015 Dallas Skyline Supermoon


The BIG INstall

The BIG Install


42" Wide Skyline over Queen Size Bed

42″ Wide Skyline over Queen Size Bed

You can see the entire Dallas gallery on my website.  I fill custom orders by email / phone, so send me a message if you’re interested in any of these.

I do all printing and framing in-house with the exception of aluminum and acrylic prints.  These I outsource.

This image is coming in next week (30×45) on aluminum for Northwestern Mutual in Dallas.  It was shot in 2015 when the Trinity River was flooded during an interview with the Dallas Observer:

BofA Calatrava Reflection

BofA Calatrava Reflection

You can see the entire Cityscapes Gallery on my website as well.  This includes Fort Worth, NYC and International locations.





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Two New Metroplex Skylines

by on Oct.28, 2013, under gallery updates, News, Projects, Recent Projects

It’s no big secret that Texas has some of the most recognizable cityscapes in the world.  Recently I produced a combination Dallas / Fort Worth skyline image for KTXD-TV in Dallas and I’m posting it here for the first time.  If you tune into Channel 47’s morning show, you can see this in the background.  It’s 204″ wide!

By request I’ve also put together a monochrome skyline of Fort Worth with just a hint of violet showing through from one building with a vivid outline.
Both os these, as well as our new Dallas and Fort Worth skylines are available in all sizes from 16×20 up to wall-size prints.  We have the Dallas and Fort Worth skylines in stock in 40″ wide plexiglass prints (very dramatic) for only $650 each – signed and numbered.

To order, simply Contact Us with the size print you’re interested in and I’ll get you a quote right away.  Delivery on most prints is within 2 weeks – faster if we already have it in stock.

The DFW Skyline:

DFW Skyline

DFW Skyline







Fort Worth Skyline Violet:

Fort Worth Skyline Violet

Fort Worth Skyline Violet


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Two New Cityscapes

by on Sep.18, 2013, under gallery updates, News, Recent Projects

As part of a recent commercial assignment, I spent some time out photographing both Dallas and Fort Worth at night – something I’ve been needing to get back to for some time.  As a result, I assembled a collection of images I needed to construct new cityscapes.

You can order these in note cards from our note card page.  You can also order them in any print size from 16×20 up to wall size by simply emailing me your requirements (if you’d like a signed copy) or head on over to our fulfillment site and place your order for prints there.

No, this does not exist in nature.  These images are composites.

The 2013 Dallas cityscape includes a sunrise sky with the Texas flag ghosted in, a full moon, the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava and the Perot Museum.  the BofA building outlined in green argon, Fountain Place, Reunion Tower and the Omni Hotel are all prominently featured in this compilation.

2013 Dallas Skyline

2013 Dallas Skyline








The Fort Worth cityscape for 2013 features a Texas flag ghosted against a sunset sky and features the skyline combined with Bass Hall and the Will Rogers Memorial.

Fort Worth Skyline

Fort Worth Skyline

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Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Images Available

by on May.21, 2012, under News, Recent Projects

Two new additions to our online portfolio come from the newest asset in the Dallas skyline.  The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava.  Controversial and beautiful, the new gateway to Dallas is a stunning achievement in architecture.

Both images are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.  Shimmering canvas or luxurious luster, these images of the bridge and stunning in any size.  But the larger they are produced, the more dramatic the effect.


Named for the gateway to the Emerald City that it re-creates in this hand-crafted image of the Calatrava Bridge:
(available from 16×20 matted only – to Limited Edition 42″x77″ framed and ready to hang









Calatrava Reunion – a dramatic view of Reunion Tower framed by the support cables of the Calatrava Bridge:
(available from 16×20 matted only – to Limited Edition 42″x63″ framed and ready to hang

Calatrava Reunion

Calatrava Reunion










To Custom Order these images:

  • You pay $100.00 as a deposit against the final invoice amount.
  • Enter the Name of the image + the size in inches you feel best suits your space / budget
  • you will be contacted by phone / email to determine exact size and finish options priior to production.
  • At that time we will invoice you for the negotiated final amount.
  • Once we receive your payment, production will commence, which generally takes 10-14 business days.
  • You will be updated by email at every step along the way (Printing, Mounting, Component, orders, Component arrival, Assembly).
  • As soon as we are ready to ship / deliver, you will be invoiced for shipping or scheduled for delivery.
  • It’s that simple.
  • Click the Button below

Name of Item You’re Ordering
Size in inches H x W (approx)

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Join Us at Grapevine’s Main Street Days!

by on May.14, 2012, under Art Shows, Events, Exhibitions, News

Come experience Grapevine’s Main Street Days – one of the Metroplex’s best Art / Craft / Music shows of the year.  The weather will be perfect, the food exceptional, the music varied and the art spectacular. Well at least OURS will be spectacular…

  • Who:  You
  • What:  Arts, Crafts, Food, Music and FUN! + LOTS of PIZZA
  • When:
    • Friday May 18, 10:00am – 11:30pm
    • Saturday May 19, 10:00am – 11:30pm
    • Sunday May 20, 11:00am – 6:00pm
  • Where:  Main Street – Grapevine, Texas – We will be in Booth  A49
  • Why:  Where else could you Possibly want to be?

We will be in Booth  A49  with:

  • Texas As I See It (my book)
  • TX-Notecards
  • LARGE Prints
  • Vortexes
  • Tr?Z
  • Matted prints in 3 sizes
  • Calatrava (Margaret Hunt Hill) Bridge images
  • A running slideshow on our 40″ HD PhotoFrame
  • Small, quiet, but very effective FANS to keep you cool while you experience our work
  • Contemporary Fine Art in vivid colors, geometric patterns, manipulated reality.  Vibrant and visceral!  Limited Editions at very competitive prices.
Lone Teal

Lone Teal












Come by and visit!

This will be our LAST major event this year.




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