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Supermoon – Beaver Moon Photos

by on Nov.18, 2016, under gallery updates, News, Projects, Recent Projects

In case you missed the event of the decade (almost the century) this last weekend, we had a Supermoon / Beaver Moon that hasn’t happened since 1948 and won’t happen again until 2034.  A Supermoon occurs when the orbit of our moon brings it in unusually close proximity to the earth.  In this case it appeared 14% larger and 30% brighter than a typical full moon.  This, of course, brought out everyone and their dog (ours wanted to stay at home) with a camera.

BofA Supermoon II Composite

BofA Supermoon II Composite

I have been wanting to capture a full moon over the Dallas skyline for a couple of years now and this seemed like the perfect time to do it, so Sunday evening just before sunset I headed to the levee.  Doing a little preliminary research I determined the moon would rise at 73 degrees, so I parked in my usual obscure location and trudged about a quarter mile along the levee with 3o lbs of camera gear and a tripod to get set up.

There were 5 or 6 other photographers in the general vicinity and we all had our locations staked out for what we thought would be the best shot.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught a lot of frenzied activity as all the other photographers were jockeying for position and realized the moon was finally making its appearance, peeking up between the buildings.  I also hustled about 20 yards south to get a better vantage point and started shooting.

The problem with shooting the moon at sunset over the skyline is exposure.  To get the buildings reflecting sunset colors properly exposed, the moon will be vastly 0ver-exposed.  Getting the moon properly exposed renders the skyline totally black.  So…  This requires multiple exposures for every shot.  Also, to get a good close-up of the moon requires a very long lens and getting the skyline requires something more normal (around 50mm).

To shoot the moon in close-up I used a 100-400mm Canon zoomlens with a 1.4x telextender attached.  This results in a 560mm lens, which is almost enough.  1000mm is optimal.

All of the images I used are composites.  In other words, I shot numerous images with different composition and different lenses.  Then I combined them for the effect I wanted.  Using a really big lens compresses distance and makes the moon seem larger.  But…  Cutting this same moon out, enlarging it and tucking it behind the buildings produces and even more remarkable composition.

Another problem with the Dallas skyline is that all of the buildings do not light up at the same time.  To get everything illuminated optimally, you have to wait until about 8:00 this time of year.  Therefore, I had to combine file photos with new images to create some of these.

So here they are.









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Two New Metroplex Skylines

by on Oct.28, 2013, under gallery updates, News, Projects, Recent Projects

It’s no big secret that Texas has some of the most recognizable cityscapes in the world.  Recently I produced a combination Dallas / Fort Worth skyline image for KTXD-TV in Dallas and I’m posting it here for the first time.  If you tune into Channel 47’s morning show, you can see this in the background.  It’s 204″ wide!

By request I’ve also put together a monochrome skyline of Fort Worth with just a hint of violet showing through from one building with a vivid outline.
Both os these, as well as our new Dallas and Fort Worth skylines are available in all sizes from 16×20 up to wall-size prints.  We have the Dallas and Fort Worth skylines in stock in 40″ wide plexiglass prints (very dramatic) for only $650 each – signed and numbered.

To order, simply Contact Us with the size print you’re interested in and I’ll get you a quote right away.  Delivery on most prints is within 2 weeks – faster if we already have it in stock.

The DFW Skyline:

DFW Skyline

DFW Skyline







Fort Worth Skyline Violet:

Fort Worth Skyline Violet

Fort Worth Skyline Violet


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Two New Cityscapes

by on Sep.18, 2013, under gallery updates, News, Recent Projects

As part of a recent commercial assignment, I spent some time out photographing both Dallas and Fort Worth at night – something I’ve been needing to get back to for some time.  As a result, I assembled a collection of images I needed to construct new cityscapes.

You can order these in note cards from our note card page.  You can also order them in any print size from 16×20 up to wall size by simply emailing me your requirements (if you’d like a signed copy) or head on over to our fulfillment site and place your order for prints there.

No, this does not exist in nature.  These images are composites.

The 2013 Dallas cityscape includes a sunrise sky with the Texas flag ghosted in, a full moon, the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava and the Perot Museum.  the BofA building outlined in green argon, Fountain Place, Reunion Tower and the Omni Hotel are all prominently featured in this compilation.

2013 Dallas Skyline

2013 Dallas Skyline








The Fort Worth cityscape for 2013 features a Texas flag ghosted against a sunset sky and features the skyline combined with Bass Hall and the Will Rogers Memorial.

Fort Worth Skyline

Fort Worth Skyline

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