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Invest in Some Art for Christmas

by on Nov.19, 2015, under gallery updates, News, Recommendations

Or for any other occasion…

As a gift – or for yourself, art is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Max Eastman said  “It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process.”

Why invest in art?

  • Art will not wear out
  • Art will not make you fat
  • Art will improve your life
  • Art will make you smile
  • Art will make you think
  • Art will inspire you

Our e-commerce site has some great deals on inventory prints + lots of custom order images from around the world.  We produce custom prints in-house, provide mounting and framing services and I will even personally install your selection in most cases.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, call or email me.  I probably have what you want somewhere in my extensive library.  If not, I may just go out and find it for you – or create it from scratch.

Our most recent installation is a nearly 8 foot wide mounted canvas print for Northwestern Mutual in Dallas.

Our themes include:

  • Texas
  • Dallas Texas
  • Frisco Texas
  • Route 66
  • New York City
  • Automotive
  • Girls and Cars
  • Musical Instruments
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Nature and Scenics
  • Ireland
  • Tuscany
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Budapest
  • Abstracts
  • SignZ of Our TimeZ
  • Alien Vistas
  • The TreZ Collection

We have a growing collection of Selective Color images from around the world:



And the latest image from Budapest:

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Many of Our Images in Pencil Skirts

by on May.16, 2015, under Exhibitions, gallery updates, News, Projects, Recent Projects

We have more than one fulfillment company that handles applying our vast library of images to a variety of products.  Just recently they started offering pencil skirts as an option and of course we hopped right on it and started engineering images for this medium.

All you gals know that a spectacular pencil skirt is a must-have, right?

New images are being added regularly as we go through and re-configure for this size and scale.

Currently our library includes florals, skylines, weather, abstracts, automotive, Route 66, Dallas, Fort Worth and Alaska.  At only $35.00 each these are an excellent value.  And if y’all would like yours personally autographed, just sashay on over wearing it and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Order Yours Today!

Winston Pencil Skirts

Winston Pencil Skirts

We even have WINSTON in a pencil skirt!  That cute little rascal finds his way into everything.












A few samples – lots more on our fulfillment page

Fort Worth Pencil Skirt

Fort Worth Pencil Skirt

Texas Gold Star Pencil Skirts

Texas Gold Star Pencil Skirts

Capitol Rotunda Pencil Skirts

Capitol Rotunda Pencil Skirts

Rainbow Column Pencil Skirt-Ad

Rainbow Column Pencil Skirt

Vortex Pencil Skirts

Vortex Pencil Skirts

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New Updates to Automotive Gallery

by on Sep.18, 2010, under gallery updates, News, Recent Projects

Ferrari F 40 at Night

Ferrari F 40

Well, I finally got around to updating this gallery after three recent shoots over the summer that I just had not carved out the time to process.  The most recent shoot includes a pair of killer Ferraris – an F40 and a 458.  Anyone who knows anything about these cars will definitely want to take a look at the photos.  Also included in this shoot was a gorgeous pearl yellow Lamborghini Murcielago.  Another amazing car (and a couple of pretty amazing girls) for the gallery.  This shoot was done at night in Dallas, my favorite way to photograph cars.  In the dark, I have much more control of the lighting.  As a result, the images are quite dramatic.  See for yourself.

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First Gallery Updates of 2010

by on Jan.01, 2010, under News, Projects, Recent Projects

Since I don’t sleep much (Karen says I should open up a donut shop) I finally got busy and created the galleries associated with 3 shoots for The Girls and Cars of Texas from October and November 2009.  Simply click on the photos below to get to the individual galleries for Amy Fox, Tracie Fox and Ashley R.

Amy and the 1951 Caddy

Amy and the 1951 Caddy

Amy Fox was one of the models who responded to a casting call I posted for a Girls and Cars shoot in Fredericksburg in October 2009.  We were headed down there to photograph an extensive private collection of amazing vehicles on a 1000 acre ranch just outside Fredericksburg, Texas.  The collection included a 1951 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn, a Ferrari Dino and a 1955 aqua Chevy Nomad among others.  Amy was great to work with and we got some nice shots with her.

Ashley and the 64 Merc

Ashley and the 64 Merc

Since we needed more than one model for this shoot, Amy recommended her sister-in-law Tracie, who was a joy to work with.  We had a great time shooting with her on this trip.  Some of the vehicles had been sitting for so long we simply could not get them to run.  Fortunately I had allowed for this as a possibility and we brought down around 150lbs of studio lighting and battery power for this project so we could light up the inside of the enormous barn where the collection was housed.  This turned out to be very useful and helped to create some dramatic effects.

Last year. we were out to dinner at Mama Emilias in McKinney, Texas.  Parked outside were two amazing cars.  A bright yellow 1929 Ford and a Roger Rabbit-looking 1947 Ford Panel Truck painted in a silver and purple theme, complete with purple neon ground lighting.  What a cool vehicle!  I just had to have these for the book, and made arrangements with the owner to shoot them one night at a local airport where we could have a controlled environment.  Once again lugging out the full complement of studio lighting, cords and battery power – and a local fitness model / fitness instructor, Ashley Reese, we settled in for the evening to capture these gorgeous cars and this very nicely sculpted model in all their collective glory.  Ashley was a big hit (in her nurse and schoolgirl outfits) with the “locals” and a real treat to work with.  When you visit this gallery you will see why my preference is to shoot in the dark with my own lighting.  The results are very dramatic.

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Girls and Cars of Texas Gallery Updates

by on Dec.08, 2009, under News, Projects, Recent Projects

Kelsey and the 2008 Caliber SRT4

Kelsey and the 2008 Caliber SRT4

Now that I’ve healed up from shoulder surgery in August, and can lug the heavy camera gear I need for these shoots, I’ve been working on this project again as much as time and weather permit.  With the launch of the website a few months ago, I finally had a place to store and showcase the galleries associated with the book. The nice thing about the website is you get to see a lot more images than will ultimately show up in the book, so stop by from time to time to see what’s new.

The website is: www.girlsandcarsoftexas.com

At this time, we have four recent galleries posted. From a trip we made down to Fredericksburg to photograph a private collection, to a night shoot at a local airport, to a couple of impromptu shoots at local car shows, there are some amazing cars, combined with a few pretty models.  Enjoy.

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