Bath House Cultural Center Art Mart Next Weekend

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Please join us at the annual Art Mart

At the Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas

  • Next Weekend
  • November 18-20
  • 12-6 PM
  • 50 local and regional artists
  • Karen Harris showing her abstract oil paintings
  • Warren Paul Harris exhibiting his photography and digital art


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Art Studio Open House and Art Sale Sunday

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Please Join Us for Our First Open House / Art Sale

Open House / Art Sale This Sunday

Open House / Art Sale This Sunday

Hosted by Warren Paul Harris and Karen Harris

For the first time, we are opening our studio to visitors this Sunday from 1-3.
We will have an array of original art and framed reproductions available to view and purchase at this time.
We will also have matted reproductions and fine art note cards available as well.
This is a great opportunity to do a little early holiday shopping!
Look for this buiilding

Look for this building ^^^^

Let’s break it down (Hammer Time – sorry — couldn’t stop myself):
  1. Who: Warren Paul Harris / Karen Harris — and YOU
  2. What: Art Studio Open House / Art Sale
  3. When: Sunday November 6, 1-3 pm
  4. Where: 1113 Hampshire Ln., Richardson, TX
  5. Why: Because Art
Look for these signs:
Signs Like This

Signs Like This ^^^^^^^

1113 Hampshire Ln
Richardson, Texas
North of Arapaho between Floyd and Custer
Look for the signs.
Park in Back (if there is room)
Enter through back door
We are on the left
Art Show Collage

(Some of our work)

To recap:

  • Art Studio
  • Open House
  • Art Show
  • Original Art
  • Reproductions
  • Fine Art Note Cards
  • Original Oil Paintings
  • Photography
  • Warren Paul Harris
  • Karen Harris
  • Sunday, 1-3 pm only
  • Be there or be absent…
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The Savage Prints Available Here

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Earlier this year I negotiated the rights to reprint this classic horse racing image by Adam Coglianese.

The Savage

This iconic photograph in an Eclipse Award winning photo taken at Tremont in 1980.  In this capture, Great Prospector is savaging the winner, Golden Derby as they head into the home stretch.  Photo taken by Bob Coglianese and Copyright  Adam Coglianese, I have obtained the rights to reprint this image on canvas in a 24×30 format only.

If you would like a copy of this amazing shot, order it RIGHT HERE.  It looks absolutely incredible on canvas.

24×30 monochrome print on canvas for $350.00 + tax

The Savage

The Savage

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Another Brick In The Wall Vortex Abstract

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Another Brick In The Wall

This is one of the latest in my Vortex series of digital art / photo-manipulation.

What I don’t usually reveal is the source material for these digital abstracts. In many cases I have even forgotten the original image I used to create them. On occasion I have to find the master file and examine the metadata to figure it out if and when the topic comes up.

Since this one is fresh in my mind, I thought I would give y’all a little insight into my process.

The original image is from the inner basement area of the old Sears Building, now known as South Side on Lamar in the heart of Dallas. I explored this area back in December of 2008 with the idea of using it for some edgy modeling photography. There are several images from the research trip that I have used, one of which is in my first coffee table book, Texas As I See It.

This is the original unedited, un-retouched image:

Photoshop manipulation is next.

  • The original image is cropped to a square that contains the elements I think will achieve the desired effect.
  • The square is resized to a pixel count I feel will hold up to printing up to 42″ wide for my largest editions.
  • This image is enhanced to bring up detail, color and shadow / highlight detail.
  • Multiple layers are created to work from.
  • A master layer is twisted to a degree I think is effective for the elements in the image
  • A duplicate layer is created from the new master.
  • Both new master layers are edited for exposure, saturation and hue.
  • Layers are tweaked for blending effects and then a master file is saved with the layers intact.
Square version of Another Brick in the Wall

Square version of Another Brick in the Wall


In the case of square Vortex editions, this version may be further enhanced, tuned and may have adjustment layers created to produce the final image.

In today’s illustration, I have decided I want this one as a diamond-shaped image.

  • This version is then rotated 45 degrees
  • It is cropped and resized again
  • Brightness, exposure, saturation, dodging and burning are finalized at this point
  • This is the master used to print from
  • I save it as such and name it accordingly
  • A new layer is added below the master and filled with white
  • The master is rotated back 45 degrees for purposes of producing the preview you see below
  • The preview image has its resolution changed to something appropriate for websites and email
  • A drop shadow is added
  • In Photoshop the Save to Web and Devices option is employed to create the efficient file size needed for web / email use


The final result is this:

Another Brick in the Wall

The most time-consuming part of this was crafting the 3 dimensional brick and blending it to achieve the effect I was after.

There are right around 370 editions of Vortex images in the collection at this time. Most of them are online to be browsed, but the complete collection is not available in one place at this time. It takes a lot of routine maintenance to keep the website up to date and I just haven’t had the time.

If you want to see more of this series, you can find a fairly complete collection at www.vividpixelz.net

You can send me an email, text or just use the old-fashioned method of picking up the phone if you have questions about this or any of my other work.

The Vortexes are in two different styles. The diamond-shape like this one and square versions. Both are designed to be displayed in a grid. They come in 24, 36 and 48 inch sizes for the square style. The diamond shapes measure 34, 48 and 60 inches when hanging.

Vortex Diamond Grid

These are the 34″ diamond vortexes

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Some Recent Discoveries and Recommendations

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Recently I have discovered some

Time and $$$ saving items and I thought I would share them with you.

I will add to this over time as I think of other items that have been useful to us.

The PoolRX

For those of you who have pools and have ever struggled with keeping the water crystal clear – or battled algae – I have an amazing solution for you.  A client called me and told me about this product several weeks ago, so I did a little research.  I read a lot of reviews, including those from professional pool companies.  I even had a discussion about it with our local pool supply store.  Across the board, all responses were very positive, so I implemented this miracle product, the PoolRX.

Based on reviews and recommendations I went with the Black Unit.  It’s a bit more expensive, but will last for a full year.  Think about how much you spend on chlorine tablets in a year now.  Put this in and reduce your chlorine use to near zero.

We have a 20,000+ gallon diving pool.  I had an automatic chlorine tablet dispenser added to our pool equipment when we bought our home 2-1/2 years ago.  It has been set wide open ever since.  The chlorine and cyanuric acid levels of the pool are literally off the chart.  I was still scrubbing algae off the north-facing surfaces of the pool every week.  In the warmer months it uses a LOT of chlorine.  And I still have algae!

Since adding the PoolRX:

  • I plopped it into the pump intake basket
  • I dialed the chlorine dispenser down to its lowest setting
  • The chlorine levels have come way down
  • The water is crystal clear
  • I have less algae than ever before
  • Our pool no longer smells like the YMCA

You will notice in the test strip results there is ZERO chlorine and the pool is crystal clear.  It actually WORKS!  It took about 2 months to completely clear the pool of chlorine after I turned the chlorine tab dispenser all the way to zero.

You should still shock the pool after a lot of use or after a storm that adds significant rainfall to the pool, but your overall maintenance will be ridiculously low.

I love this thing!

For my next magic trick…

I attend a lot of business networking meetings.  A readable name plate / badge / card for your lapel or shirt is fairly important.  Many years ago I had one that was great, but it is really old technology and requires an older Windows platform and a serial port.  I have neither.  So after much research and reading of reviews I decided on the ION Smart Badge.  It scrolls whatever message you program in and select.  It has 3 fonts, 3 speeds and is rechargeable.  Pin it to your shirt or use the magnetic attachment.  This is a great conversation starter.

It looks like this:

You use an app on your phone to program it:

ION Badge App Screenshot





It has 8 memory locations for you to store messages in.  It is very simple to program, connects to the phone via bluetooth, so you can update your message on the fly.  Very easy to use.

Order yours here:



For all you artists…

I’ve been shopping for a REAL artist’s easel for my wife ever since she became serious about her craft and started selling original oil paintings.  I looked at 3 different models at Azle Art Supply in Plano and was aghast (don’t you love the opportunity to use that word?) at the prices.  I thought “damn, I could build one out of solid oak for that price – or mahogany.  Geez!”

So anyway…

I went shopping at my favorite location and found this baby.  It absolutely rocks (literally).  It will support your artwork from vertical to horizontal and every angle in between with adjustable height and 3 different stop blocks.  It will handle very large pieces.  It rolls on casters and all 4 casters have locks so you can hold it in place.  The storage drawer in the bottom is really handy and it takes all of 15 minutes to unpack and assemble.

It comes with the base assembled except for screwing in the casters (16 screws – supplied) and switching the knob around ( for shipping purposes the knob is on the inside of the drawer when it arrives).

The vertical supports require minor assembly and attachment to the base.  Then the table assembly is attached to the vertical supports.

It comes with all the hardware and tools you need to complete the assembly.

I will warn you it’s a little heavy and the whole thing (two cartons) is packed into one large box.

It is a heck of a deal at under $200, really well made and very configurable.

I highly recommend this easel.

Order yours here:



Blue ribbon has been very popular here in Dallas since the July 7th killing of Lorne Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael J. Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa.  Others were wounded in this cowardly, heinous attack on our police officers who were protecting the Dallas citizens who were protesting in the streets.  A neighbor had given us some “ribbon” they had left over, but it was a type of mesh that was not only invisible (well, mostly invisible) but disintegrated after only a few weeks.

It seems most of our neighbors are using blue plastic tablecloth material, which looks fine, but I wanted something more formal and spent a little time researching until I came upon the perfect item.  Grand Opening Ceremony ribbon is what you see used for ribbon cuttings with a giant scissors.  It is made of satin and is six inches wide.  It looks great and comes in a 25 yard roll.  I have to say it was exactly what I wanted and I have a link for y’all if you’d like the same effect.




Here’s a Little Home Security Tip

Home burglaries in our area are on the rise.

A common technique for breaking into your home is for thieves to break into your car first, and steal your garage door remote.  Then they wait until your car is gone, open the garage door and take everything they want from your home while you are away.

To thwart the bad guys I recommend these tips:

  1. If you have an alarm system, USE IT.
  2. If you don’t have an alarm system, GET ONE – and USE IT.
    (This will not stop the bad guys from emptying your garage…)
  3. Lock the door from your garage to the house and put a key for this door on a key ring stashed someplace discreetly in the garage so you can’t lock yourself out.
  4. Put the garage door remote that clips to your visor in a drawer someplace in the house in case you ever need it.
  5. Buy a keyfob remote for the garage door opener that will always be on your keychain – and therefore, always with you.
    (note to men – don’t keep this in your pocket when you are home.  You can inadvertently open the garage door and leave it that way.)

This is what we have done recently just for this purpose.

Here is the one we have and it’s a better deal from Amazon than the local hardware stores.


Let me add a couple of other recommendations for home security while I’m at it.

Burglars work day and night. At night, they prefer to work in the DARK. Therefore, if you light up the exterior of your home like DAYLIGHT, they will move on to someplace less bright to do their dirty work.

  1. Keep your porch lights on.
    (if everyone in your neighborhood does this, but bad guys will go to another neighborhood)
  2. Put in the brightest LED bulbs you can find.
    (this makes it less desirable to the bad guys while cutting your electric bill)
  3. Light up your driveway / carport with the brightest LED fixtures you can find.
    (motion-sensing is OK, but always-on is better)

I have several of these installed. I have bypassed the motion detectors for the ones in our carport so they are always on. You could do surgery in our carport.



Zika / West Nile / ChickenGonnaGitcha !!!

I don’t know about everyone else, but we live at Ground Zero for all these mosquito-borne life-changing diseases in the U.S. – aka “Dallas”.  I am not exaggerating when I say there are times when they attack in squadron formation.  All last Winter we still had mosquitoes.  December, January, yessirree.  Open the door and you’re under attack.  In my search for tools to defeat these airborne micro-terrorists, I finally settled on these convenient little bracelets.  I have found them to be very effective.

Some application hints:

  • After you use the first one, put it in a sandwich size Ziplock bag.
  • Squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing it.
  • Keep it here after every use, putting it in the bag as soon as you are finished with it.
    (this will dramatically increase its lifespan)
  • Sniff the bracelet when you first open it and use that as a baseline for strength.
  • Sniff it periodically over time.
    (this is your litmus test for the protection level of your bracelet – as the scent gets weaker, the effectiveness decreases).
  • When it seems significantly weakened, toss it out and open a new one.
  • If you find you’re not getting 100% protection, use one on each wrist.
  • Some people are Mosquito Magnets and require more protection.
    (You know who you are)

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New Studio Ready for Sessions

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We are Excited to Announce:

The new studio is fully functional in Richardson, Texas

Call to book your head shot or modeling / glamour shoot Today.


Ask about our themed Senior Portrait sessions!



Senior Portrait for JaquaN McQueen

Senior Portrait for JaquaN McQueen











We have some great end of summer introductory rates.

Call For Artists…

Make more $$$ selling reproductions of your original art.

We photograph, master and reproduce your originals.

No minimum run.

Luster, canvas and metallic finishes up to 42″ on the shortest side.

Call to schedule your session Today.



Studio Angle Shot


BrokenHearted Art Reproduction Shoot


Studio Hallway Art


Wave Art Reproduction Shoot

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New Patterns Added to Our Clothing Line

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As a lot of people know by now, we have a fulfillment site that takes our images and creates an array of wearables, household items and skins / cases for electronics.  Over the last few months we have been building out our offerings with some dramatic new abstract / geometric art images.  At the same time, our vendor has been adding some great new items to their library, so I thought I would take some screen grabs and post them here for you to get an idea of what we can provide.

Vortex Blue Scarab D

Vortex Blue Scarab D

To start with, I have recently been taking some of my newest complex Vortex abstract images and creating repeating patterns.  These are painstakingly crafted to create a master image and then resized for their destination products.

See our full selection on our e-commerce site.

We are constantly adding new images and products.

In our wearables we have:

  • Pencil Skirts
  • Chiffon Tops
  • Unisex T-Shirts
  • Women’s T-Shirts
  • Several Styles of Women’s shirts
  • Chiffon Tops
  • Graphic T-Shirts
  • Zipper Hoodies
  • Pullover Hoodies
  • Leggings
  • Scarves
  • Children’s Clothes

Household Items:

  • Coffee Mugs
  • Travel Mugs
  • Throw Pillows
  • Duvet Covers
  • Tote Bags
  • Studio Pouches
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Spiral Notebooks
  • Hardcover Journal
  • Stickers


  • iPhone Case / Skins
  • Galaxy Case / Skins
  • Laptop Case / Skins
  • iPad Case / Skins

Here are some screenshots:



Golden Scarab Duvet-Cover

Golden Scarab Throw Pillow

Golden Scarab Throw Pillow

Golden Scarab Tote Bag

Golden Scarab Tote Bag




Golden Scarab Spiral Notebook

Golden Scarab Coffee Mug

Golden Scarab Coffee Mug


Golden Scarab Travel Mug


Golden Scarab Galaxy Phone Case

Golden Scarab Laptop Skin

Golden Scarab Laptop Skin


Neon Boot Leggings

Golden Scarab Leggings

Golden Scarab Leggings



Vortex Blue Scarab Skirt

Vortex Blue Scarab Skirt

Vortex Hearts in a Tempest Skirt

Vortex Hearts in a Tempest Skirt

Social Distortion Pencil Skirt

Social Distortion Pencil Skirt

Shiva Vortex Skirt

Shiva Vortex Skirt

Vortex Neon Skirt

Vortex Neon Skirt

Vortex Voodoo Love Pencil Skirt

Vortex Voodoo Love Pencil Skirt

Vortex StainGlass2 Pencil Skirt

Vortex StainGlass2 Pencil Skirt

Karen modeling a floral Pencil Skirt

Karen modeling a floral Pencil Skirt

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Refer Your Clients for a Nice Commission

by on Mar.15, 2016, under News

You have clients with bare walls. (- and friends too, I’ll bet)

We have ART.  Lots of Art.

Refer people to us and earn a 10% commission on every order we complete.

Contact me for a personalized file you can print and hand out.  We will keep track of your referral code (and sales) and send you a check every quarter.

This costs you nothing and is a valuable service
to your clients, friends and family

Browse our website to see what we offer.  We will do commissioned pieces in any theme as well.

Visit our Facebook page for current projects and gallery updates

Art Commission Handout

Over the years we have amassed a vast library of images. 

Our themes include:

  • Texas (of course)

  • Route 66
  • The American Southwest
  • Flora and Fauna (Flowers and Critters)
  • SignZ of Our TimeZ
  • Abstract Art
  • Landscapes
  • Barns
  • Cars
  • Girls and Cars of Texas
  • The Amazing Skies of Texas
  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Budapest
  • And far more than I have room for here…

We do all printing in house except for plexiglass and aluminum.  We print on canvas, luster finish and pearlescent metallic up to 42″ on the shortest side.

2013 Dallas Skyline

2013 Dallas Skyline – 40″ wide on high gloss acrylic


The 59 Caddy.  Our most popular print.  Looks amazing in a metallic finish.

59 Caddy

59 Caddy

The Texan

The Texan





8 foot wide Northwestern Mutual Installation - Dallas

8 foot wide Northwestern Mutual Installation – Dallas

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Building a Thunder Snorker

by on Feb.22, 2016, under News

So let’s just say you have a carpenter ant infestation…

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ant

We bought our home in Dallas 2 years ago this month.  We’ve been battling a problem with carpenter ants in the dining room ceiling since then.  A few days ago I noticed one of these pests on one of the large dining room windows (then entire north wall is glass).  When I looked up… DAMN! – the windows were covered with these 1/2″-long winged ants.  We had a swarm taking place and literally hundreds of them were covering the north wall, the ceiling and inside our Roman shades.  Disgusting!  Quick fast like a bunny I called our Critter Gitter (on speed dial of course).  He couldn’t get out until maybe the next day and suggested a vacuum cleaner to dispense with the pests.

No problem.

I have a fairly new and robust shop vac that gets a lot of use in my workshop.  However… We have a 15 foot cathedral ceiling in the dining room which required a 12 foot stepladder to install the chandelier.  There’s no way the shop vac is going to get the pests off the highest corners, which is exactly where most of these pests have chosen to congregate.

Shop Vac Pre-Modification

Shop Vac Pre-Modification

Simple solution:

Extend the reach of my shop vac with a 10 foot length of 1″ PVC I just happen to have in the shop.

This is pretty simple and it has some additional advantages.  Reducing the diameter of the opening increases the velocity of the intake, which does a better job of detaching ants from the surface they are scampering across.  Sucking in air from a 2″ opening (stock size for the shop vac) has considerably less velocity than that same amount of cfm going through a 1″ opening.  So… BONUS!

My favorite tape for such activities is RED Duct Tape.  Why?  Because it leaves no sticky residue.  You can peel it off and you are not left with a sticky, hard-to handle shop vac tube when you’re done.  I always keep a supply of this stuff in my supply cabinet.  I actually have probably six different kinds of duct tape for different uses.

So.  Off to the workshop and return with shop vac, PVC and red duct tape.  Inserting the PVC about 2 feet into the stock tube gives it better stability and still allows me to reach the ceiling.  Checking this before you tape it up saves a lot of time.  Thoroughly wrapping the intersection with red duct tape results in a very manageable “wand” which allows me to snork up hundreds of carpenter ants in about an hour.

Red Duct Tape

Red Duct Tape

Thunder Snorker Mod

Thunder Snorker Mod


They do not appreciate this intrusion into their dining routine and try to get away as you might imagine.  I, however am at least as motivated as they are – and have technology on my side.

It seems these not-so-little pests have set up housekeeping in the joist space above our dining room and may require extreme measures to permanently eradicate them.  In the meantime, I stay busy snorking up any stragglers that appear.

Keeping in mind that there are most likely thousands of these guys up in the ceiling if I have managed to snatch up several hundred so far, is motivation to keep after them.

One more important thing you might have thought of by now…

How do you make sure they don’t come crawling back out of the vacuum

(to re-infest the premises after you’re done?)

My solution is to grab the first can of any insecticide I can find and give them a lung full of it.  Keep the vacuum running and spray this stuff in its snout for about 30 seconds.  That should turbocharge their little lungs with enough toxins to settle them down permanently (see photo of inside of shop vac).

Warren's Thunder Snorker

Warren’s Thunder Snorker

Not getting away from me...

Not getting away from me…

Thunder Snorker Alone

Thunder Snorker Alone

Give 'em a snout full of this

Give ’em a snout full of this

Dead Ants, Dead Ants...

Dead Ants, Dead Ants…

Not getting away from me...

Not getting away from me…

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LED Replacements for Halogen GU10 Bulbs that ROCK!

by on Feb.07, 2016, under Instructional, Recommendations

We just recently blew in a nice thick layer of insulation in our attic to decrease our energy usage and even out the temperature across the house.  Prior to this we have been replacing all our lighting with LED for these reasons.

  1. They use less energy
  2. They last a lot longer
  3. They create almost no heat (which is very beneficial in the Texas Summer)
GU10 bulb

GU10 bulb

We have about a dozen or so of the miniature halogen GU10 fixtures throughout the house.  These are very similar to the ubiquitous MR-16 bulbs that have been popular for decades, but fitted with a bayonet mount.  Some are on dimmers and some are not.  We like the color and style of these lights, but they use a lot of juice and create a lot of heat.  But we really like the look.

All this changed after we blew in 14″ of insulation, though.  The problem with the halogen bulbs is they generate a lot of heat.  After you bury them with a thick layer of insulation, this heat really starts to build up – and they overheat and shut down to protect themselves.  This is at best a royal pain and at worst a potential fire hazard.

This is where the search for an acceptable LED replacement started.  I went through several products that were not acceptable.  They were either far too dim, or the wrong color (some were actually yellow) or just cheap and subject to failure.  One batch I received, though very reasonably priced, were a mix of white and yellow looking bulbs (mostly yellow) which is great if you want to look sallow and jaundiced, but not what we wanted in our kitchen.  If we do a zombie themed Halloween party, we may put those back in, just for the effect…

What it comes down to is that LEDs use a lot less wattage for the same number of lum

MR-16 bulb

MR-16 bulb

ens of light as halogen.  A 50 watt halogen bulb is pretty bright.  Some manufacturers state their 4 watt LED bulb is equivalent to a 50 watt halogen.  Not in my experience.  Some say their 5 watt bulb is the same.  Not what I found.  The 6.5 watt bulbs are touted as a replacement by some vendors.  Not in our application.  And then there is the color temperature.  Light temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin, with daylight falling somewhere between 4,000 and 6,000 degrees Kelvin.  “Warm” lighting is somewhere in the 2,700 to 3,000 range, but this depends a lot on the design of the LED filtering employed in each manufacturer’s bulb.  This is still an emerging industry and it seems to me there is a significant lack of consistency at this time.

The bulbs we finally settled on are the ones below.  They are robustly constructed with excellent heat sinks and cooling, rated at 8 watts and 5,000 Kelvin for a daylight color and I really like them.  They are a very white daylight-looking light, as bright as a 50 watt halogen or better and dimmable.

The heat sink assembly and bezel are a medium gunmetal gray and the bezel is ventilated to allow for airflow and cooling.  It is a very nice look.  These are also a 60 degree wide beam, which is a floodlight rather than a spotlight.  This is perfect for our needs.  If you need something more narrow like a spot, these are the wrong ones.

We finally found the ones we like and I recommend them highly.  They are more expensive than halogen, but they use less energy and last a LOT longer.  Amortizing in the initial cost with the effective lifespan of roughly 20 years, you are spending roughly 65 cents per year while you save a bundle on energy.

  • First of all, energy is billed in Kilowatt Hours (KWH).  This is 1,000 watts in use for 1 hour.
  • (10) 100 watt bulbs or (20) 50 watt bulbs on for one hour would be 1 KWH
  • Lets say you are paying 9 cents per KWH and have 10 of these in your home.
  • That’s 500 watts you are using or 1/2 KWH.
  • Let’s say you have them on for 5 hours a day.
  • That amounts to 2,500 watts or 2.5KW.
  • Multiply that by .09 and you get .225 or roughly 22 cents per day.
  • Multiply that by 365 days and you have $82.13 in energy annually for just these 10 bulbs for 5 hours a day

Let’s do the same math for LEDs.

  • At 8 watts time 10 bulbs that’s only 80 watts.
  • Multiply that by 5 hours and you get 400 watts, not even half a kilowatt.
  • Multiply that by 365 and you get 146  kilowatts
  • Multiply that by .09 and you have $13.14 per year.

It’s a pretty significant savings, especially when you factor it in over the 20 year lifespan.

Let’s just say you’re saving $60 per year
Over 20 years, that’s a $1,200 savings.

I don’t know if this is worth it to you, but it sure is to us.

Single bulbs are $12.99 each (sounds expensive, but they last about 20 years)



Six packs are $59.99

You can also get these same bulbs in 2700 Kelvin (warm white)

Six Pack:


Single bulbs:


But what about your conventional ceiling cans?

For retrofitting conventional downlight floods (or uplights) these are excellent.  We use them for our exterior architectural lighting.

You can order these in both 5000 K (daylight) and 2700 K (soft white) depending on your requirements.  These are dimmable just like a conventional incandescent bulb.  We use the 5000 K bulbs for our architectural lighting because we WANT it to look like Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Bright white light is exactly what we want for our purposes.  In addition to architectural lighting this also makes for a nice deterrent for the criminal element, as it’s like freakin’ daylight out there 24 hours a day – and the cost is ridiculously low with LED bulbs.  We have our entire exterior lighting system controlled by a photocell and it works flawlessly.

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