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Let’s Not Forget Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

by on May.26, 2013, under News

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, a single day set aside each year to honor those many thousand of men and women in our Armed Forces who have given their lives for our freedom and way of life here in the United States of America.

So while you’re busy with family activities, travel and Bar-B-Qs, take a moment to reflect on those whose lives have made these activities and freedoms possible for you.

Thank a Vet.

Memorial Day Bikers
Celina, Texas
May, 2008

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Copyright 2008 Warren Paul Harris
All Rights Reserved

Memorial Day Bikers

Memorial Day Bikers

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Oil and Gas Gallery Posted

by on May.20, 2013, under gallery updates, News

Oil and Gas Gallery

Oil and Gas Gallery

In our last few art shows we’ve received numerous requests for oil and gas images. Over the years I’ve amassed a small collection of historically significant images of this industry that has contributed so much to The Lone Star State’s economy, culture and style. Here, for the first time, you can see the current collection in one place.

We have Humble, Conoco, Mobil and Texaco gas pumps, derricks, refineries and signs from decades ago.

Check back periodically, as the gallery will be updated as new images are collected.

Obviously, all images are copyrighted, but available for purchase in sizes from 16 x 20 up to wall-size.

Click on the Humble pump to see the entire gallery of Oil and Gas images.

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Cadillac Gallery Posted

by on May.20, 2013, under gallery updates, News

Of all the images I have captured in my many years behind the lens, easily the most sought-after is my image of a 1959 Cadillac tailfin.  This vivid, depiction of the icon of the 1950s-1960s era is dramatic and makes an excellent addition to almost any decor.

59 Caddy

59 Caddy

By popular demand I’ve assembled a small gallery of my related work on Cadillacs, Cadillac Ranch and some of the iconic pinup-style images that go along with this era – and you can see it right here.

Obviously, all images are copyrighted, but available for purchase in sizes from 16 x 20 up to wall-size.

The default Limited Edition size of the 59 Caddy (below) is roughly 24 x 36 and is now being released on pearlescent metallic paper which is absolutely stunning under halogen light or sunlight.  It looks almost three dimensional.  We also produce these in high gloss aluminum or sandwiched in acrylic for your garage or Man Cave / bar / restaurant / club.

Click on the 59 Caddy to view this small, but dramatic gallery.

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Amazing Skies of Texas Gallery Uploaded

by on May.20, 2013, under gallery updates, News

As you may or may not know, Texas has some of the most remarkable skies, cloud formations and weather to be found anywhere on earth.  As a member of the Skywarn spotter network, I spend a lot of my time looking UP to see what’s coming – or going in the skies above The Lone Star State.  Since I am never without a camera, this preoccupation (obsession?) with all things atmospheric results in what I think are some amazing photos.

Here in Texas we are fortunate to experience the entire range of the most remarkable and unusual cloud formations found on this planet, including Mammatus clouds, Asperetus Clouds, Helmhotz, Altocumulus Undulatus and of course Supercellular Anvil, Shelf and Cumulonimbus formations.

I upload new photos so our Facebook Page on a regular basis and cross-post these to some relevant weather sites and Texas-centric Facebook pages as well, but only recently put together a complete gallery on my primary website.

So here it is for y’all to enjoy for the very first time.

Obviously, all images are copyrighted, but available for purchase in sizes from 16 x 20 up to wall-size.

Click on the “Dragon Skull” cloud formation below for the full gallery:

Amazing Skies of Texas Gallery

Amazing Skies of Texas Gallery

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You Want Bluebonnets? We’ve Got ‘Em

by on May.20, 2013, under gallery updates, News

Bluebonnet Gallery

Bluebonnet Gallery

By request, we recently assembled a gallery of Texas Bluebonnets, assorted flora and fauna – and the Dallas Skyline for one of our contacts at an art show.  Since it occured to me there just might be some other folks in our “viewing audience” with similar interests, I thought it might be useful to publicize this little gallery.

Looking for an incredible yellow rose?  We’ve got it.  Wildflowers are your thing?  Yep – we have those too.  Birds and bees?  Right here.

So for all y’all that love Texas flowers, critters and the like, here you go.

Click on the pretty picture for our Bluebonnet Gallery (and other flora and fauna)


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Dallas Gallery Uploaded

by on May.20, 2013, under gallery updates, News

I’m sure it seems reasonable we would have lots of Dallas images in our catalog – given our proximity to “Big D” and all.  And while this is true, we haven’t had an actual Dallas Gallery available for y’all to peruse until just recently when some local residents asked for exactly this selection.

Our Dallas gallery contains some wonderful (at least we think so) time-exposures of the iconic skyline and highlights of the City at night, in addition to Big Tex, oddities you may not be familiar with, architecture unique to Big D and historic landmarks.

So with only minor fanfare and no big press campaign, here you go.

Click on the pretty picture for our latest Dallas image gallery:

Dallas Methodist / DMN

Dallas Methodist / DMN

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A very non-Texan-like rejection letter

by on May.16, 2013, under News

A very non-Texan-like rejection letter…

All y’all who know me are familiar with my conversational style of writing by now I imagine – and I try not to take myself too seriously (sometimes successful — sometimes not so much) so keep that in mind and check this out:

I’ve had my share of “rejection letters” in my life, but this is pretty special.  Last December I sent what I thought was an innocuous message to Ride Texas Magazine to see if perhaps we could collaborate. It took almost 5 months for the Publisher to think up the following snide response.

Here’s what I sent them last December:



I’ve been riding / driving the backroads of Texas for years. My first book, Texas As I See It, celebrates the minutiae that makes the Lone Star State great. I’ve been shooting for 4 more planned volumes on Texas – and have most of a Route 66 book in the can.

At a minimum, I think you should interview me on this topic.


And here is today’s response from Valerie Asensio:

Warren — I wish you much success with your photo series. However, I’m confident we’ve covered more of Texas with a team of writers in our 15 years of publication than you conceivably could. Five journalism awards speak to the quality of that coverage.

Your bull-in-a-china-shop approach is a non-starter with me. “Knowwattamean? “

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