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Please Visit my Booth at the Discovery Center this Weekend

by on Sep.27, 2010, under Events, Frisco, News, Recommendations

Frisco Discovery Center Grand Opening Flyer

Frisco Discovery Center Gala

Please stop by and visit even if you don’t want to buy anything.  The new Discovery Center is an amazing building inside and out.  Be the first to explore the new center.

Saturday, October 2nd from 10am to 6pm

I will be exhibiting an assortment from my upcoming book “Texas As I See It”.

In case you can’t open the attachment: click here => http://www.warrenharris.net/FriscoDiscoverCenter.pdf

Hope to see you there.

Click on the image for a full size version

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New Updates to Automotive Gallery

by on Sep.18, 2010, under gallery updates, News, Recent Projects

Ferrari F 40 at Night

Ferrari F 40

Well, I finally got around to updating this gallery after three recent shoots over the summer that I just had not carved out the time to process.  The most recent shoot includes a pair of killer Ferraris – an F40 and a 458.  Anyone who knows anything about these cars will definitely want to take a look at the photos.  Also included in this shoot was a gorgeous pearl yellow Lamborghini Murcielago.  Another amazing car (and a couple of pretty amazing girls) for the gallery.  This shoot was done at night in Dallas, my favorite way to photograph cars.  In the dark, I have much more control of the lighting.  As a result, the images are quite dramatic.  See for yourself.

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Help Support Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

by on Sep.16, 2010, under News, Recommendations

A lovely young lady and model I worked with several years ago is walking to raise money for JDRF and could use your help.  A small amount of money on your part will add to the resources needed by this foundation as they do all they can to find a cure for this disease.

Follow this link to learn more and pledge some assistance to their cause.

Type 1, or juvenile, diabetes, is a devastating, often deadly disease that affects millions of people — a large and growing percentage of them, children.

Many people think type 1 diabetes can be controlled by insulin. While insulin does keep people with type 1 diabetes alive, it is NOT a cure. Aside from the daily challenges of living with type 1 diabetes, there are many severe, often fatal, complications caused by the disease.

That’s the bad news… and yes, it’s pretty bad.

The good news, though, is that JDRF is making steady progress toward a cure. In fact, JDRF funding and leadership is associated with most major scientific breakthroughs in type 1 diabetes research to date. And JDRF funds more type 1 research than any other charity worldwide.

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Let Us Never Forget

by on Sep.11, 2010, under News, Recommendations

September 11, 2011.  We Will Never Forget

The Twin Towers

On September 11, 2001, an evil attack against our nation claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians in what would prove to be the most catastrophic attack against this country since Pearl Harbor.  Thousands of men and women lost their lives that day, with countless others affected by the loss of their husbands, wives, children, parents and grandparents on this day that will forever live in infamy.

Let us never forget the brave  firefighters and police men and women who, without regard to their own safety, rushed into these unstable structures to save as many lives as possible.

We will never forget.

I was fortunate enough to be in New York in August of 2000, when I took this picture.  I had completely forgotten about it, when my wife and I were flipping through an album a few years later and opened the page to the three images that make up this series.  A chill went up my spine when I saw this for the first time in probably three years.

Photographed from the Statue of Liberty, each image captures a slightly different aspect of the Twin Towers.  A storm system had settled over New York City for several days, canceling flights and generally disrupting transportation.  The effect of the heavy cloud layer over the World Trade Center makes it look like the towers are fading away, while all the surrounding structures seem bright and vivid.  Hence the title “Prophecy 1” for the original of this image.

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We Have Some Interesting Critters in Texas

by on Sep.05, 2010, under Instructional, News

I’ve encountered some curious critters in my travels over the years.  Recently, though, I discovered a couple of unusual little guys that I thought were especially cool.

Leaf Moth on my wall

Leaf Moth at the Studio

First is this fascinating moth that looks just like a wrinkled, dried leaf.  I couldn’t find an exact match for this little guy, so I don’t know exactly who or what he is.  If you know, send me a message or comment, OK?  I just thought he was very interesting, stuck to the side wall of the entrance to my studio.  No one else had noticed him, and some time later, he had flown away, but at least I documented him when I had the chance.
July 15, 2012 update:  Researching further, this little guy seems to be a Walnut Sphinx Moth.  I found this page of moth identification guide information to be very helpful.

Praying Mantis on my Leg

Praying Mantis on my leg

Even more strange was yesterday’s encounter with a very large Praying Mantis on the back porch at my stepdaughter’s house.  My grandson was fascinated (and a little unsure) of this “spider” that attached itself to grandpa’s watch / leg / etc.  But we both found it especially curious not only due to it’s size, but for it’s metallic silver wings.  Normally, the mantises I’ve seen in the past have been all green.  This one had what looked like a metal, cylindrical body at first glance.  On closer inspection, these turned out to be it’s wings.  Fascinating!

Praying Mantis attached to my watch

What the…?

Ryan (my grandson) did not quite know what to think about this “spider” attached to my watch.

Keep in mind I’m photographing these myself, while this critter is walking all over me…

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On the subject of copyright infringement

by on Sep.04, 2010, under News, Recommendations

It seems, with the explosion of the Internet, and cheap, high quality digital cameras, the whole idea of the inherent value of an image has been diluted considerably over the last several years.

I don’t have a lot of problems with this, but I think it’s worth posting the United States copyright infringement statute contained in Article 17 of the United States Code.

It’s a lot to read, but subsection 504 is probably the most compelling segment of this document, where it discusses remedies, damages and penalties for copyright infringement.

If you have a lot of free time or are particularly interested in (or affected by) this statute, give it a read:

Copyright Infringement and Remedies

You realize, of course, that all images posted on this site are copyrighted…

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And then, of course, there’s always a Double Rainbow

by on Sep.04, 2010, under Frisco, News

Double Rainbow over Frisco, Texas.  Copyright 2010 Warren Paul Harris

Double Rainbow

With the latest push of moisture and clashes between cold fronts and masses of wet air coming up from the gulf, our weather has been very interesting – and fortunately providing some beautiful special effects.  This enormous double rainbow was seen and captured by residents of both Frisco and Plano toward sunset on September 1st.

My wife had gone out to the car for something, came back in and told me I had to see the double rainbow outside.  And was she right!  From our vantage point I couldn’t capture the entire 180 degree arc, but I really like the view we had, so here it is!

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