Spring 2017 Art Exhibitions and Shows

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Upcoming Exhibitions and Shows


As most of you know, my wife and I are both artists.

Karen Harris excels at vibrant abstract art in thick applications of oil.

I just framed this piece for her upcoming exhibit at the Eisemann Center:

The Deep Framed

The Deep by Karen Harris

Warren Paul Harris (that’s me) specializes in hyper-realistic photography and digital art.

One of my recent creations:

Hong Kong Skyline Panorama

Hong Kong Skyline Panorama

We exhibit in local shows (both juried and open) from time-to-time, frequently together, but sometimes individually.

In the next few months, we are both exhibiting in an assortment of local shows, so here is the current schedule.

Click on the linked text for information about the venue or show.

Upcoming Shows

May 7 - 2-4pmAbstracted RedactedTVAA Gallery DallasX
May 5 - 4-7pmFirst FridaySPACES McKinney Ave DallasXX
Now through MayOngoing ExhibitAddison Conference CtrX
July 13-14Chocolate and ArtLofty Spaces - DallasXX
May 17 - 7-9pmCity of Richardson RegionalEisemann CenterX
Spring 2017 Art Shows
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Art Installation at Addison Conference Center

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April has been a very busy month.

Processing over 2,000 images from our trip to Asia has taken a lot of time.  Finishing the big skyline for Delta Airlines was also a substantial effort.

Over the last two days I loaded up 20 large pieces of art, delivered them to the Addison Conference Center and hung them all, finishing up at close to 9:00 last night.  Most of these are limited editions.  All are signed and available for sale.  If you would like to see our entire inventory, follow this link.

Feel free to drop by and look over some of my work if you’re in the Addison area.  There are a total of twenty prints in a variety of genres and sizes.

Addison Conference and Theatre Center
15650 Addison Rd.
Addison, TX 75001
(972) 450-6241


Below is the gallery in chronological order:




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Dallas Fort Worth Skyline Triptych

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The Saga of the Dallas Fort Worth Skyline Triptych

My most recent project is the result of a commission by Delta Airlines for a 24 foot wide by 6 foot high mural of Dallas and Fort Worth combined.

I had done a similar combination for KTXD TV in 2013, but theirs was 208″ wide by around 96″ high.  It could not be repurposed to the new dimensions of 288″ x 73″ – so… Back to the drawing board, so to speak.

DFW Skyline 2013

Original DFW Skyline 2013

I could re-use only a couple of the original elements in the original skyline, which meant going out to re-shoot lots of buildings and add some images from recent shoots of both cities.  The most complicated elements were the Calatrava bridge (cutting it out of the background took the better part of an entire day) and Reunion Tower.  Reunion Tower is a composite of two images.  First, I shot it from the south side on a parking garage at sunset so I could get the detail of the column itself and the reflective blue-green of the outer walls.  Then I shot the entire structure at night from the levee with a 400mm lens to get a tight high detail shot + the lights in all their glory.  Then.  And here’s the fun part.  I pasted every single light into place over the sunset exposure after cutting the tower out of the sky.  That took a very long time, as you might imagine.  It’s also pretty tedious work.  I love the result, though.  Another of my creations that you can never find in nature.

In this incarnation of the DFW Skyline, I added in the most recent Supermoon from 2016.  It was the largest Supermoon in decades and the detail of it was superior to the original.  I had wanted to include one in the version for KTXD, but London Broadcasting preferred it with the ghosted Texas flag and no moon.

The final image looks like this:

Dallas Fort-Worth Skyline 2017

Dallas Fort-Worth Skyline 2017

Now, since this composition is so wide and short, it becomes a serious problem to produce, handle, transport and install.  As a result, the version I am marketing is a triptych, available in three sizes only.  These are Limited Editions, signed and numbered.

A 6′ wide set of 3 panels limited edition of 15 (on aluminum) for $1500

A 12′ wide set of 3 panels limited edition of 15 (on aluminum) for $3250

A 4′ wide single sheet limited edition of 25 (on aluminum) with the legend below it for $995

If you are interested in either one, send me a message or pick up the phone and call me at


The triptych version is rearranged slightly to allow it to be divided:

DFW Skyline Triptych

DFW Skyline Triptych


The single panel 48″ version with legend:

Dallas Fort-Worth Skyline Legend

Dallas Fort-Worth Skyline Legend




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Comparing Airlines in 2017 – JAL vs AA

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Last month we spent 17 days in Asia.

Needless to say, getting there required some lengthy air travel.  Also needless to say, I have come back with a massive collection of new images.  I am slowly wading through the 1,600+ photos from my Canon 5D Mk III + over 600 just from the Samsung Galzxy S7 I carry.  Eventually there will be online galleries for this.

An example:

Shanghai Skyline Night II

Shanghai Skyline Night II

But that’s not what I’ve set down to write about today.

What I found amazing was the dramatic difference between the two airlines we flew on this trip.  Both flights were almost the exact same amount of time – 13.5 hours.  We flew from Dallas to Tokyo on Japan Airlines (JAL), but came back from Hong Kong on American Airlines (AA).  The JAL flight was on the 787 Dreamliner and it was our first flight on this high tech plane.  Coming back we were booked on a 777.  We’ve flown on these massive planes before, most notably on Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong to Bangkok a long time ago.  We were really looking forward to flying the 777 again.

International air travel is always something we look forward to.  The service is generally far superior to stateside flights and we anticipate vastly improved food service.  The planes are much bigger and the overheads more spacious as well.  This makes dealing with carry-on luggage much easier.  I always travel with one of my specialized Lowepro camera carriers and they are HEAVY – weighing in around 20 lbs when loaded with all the gear I take internationally.

As a little comparison between the two planes, we were surprised at how much smaller the 787 is compared to the 777.  Roughly 45 feet longer, but almost 5 feet shorter, the 777 holds 365 passengers compared to the 210 of the 787.  The portholes (seat windows) on the Dreamliner don’t have the pull-down shade systems that have been around for decades.  Instead, the window itself is tinted by a set of controls below each window.  You can have you  window completely clear or a full range from lightly tinted to dark blue to completely opaque by adjusting the controls.  This is something I’ve been saying we should have since the 70s, when I went to the Disneyland Monsanto ride and realized liquid crystal technology could do this.

Enough about the technical details.

For the most part, our favorite airline is Lufthansa.  The seats are excellent, even in coach.  The staff are efficient and their pilots are absolutely, hands-down the BEST.  They land those planes more smoothly and consistently than any other airline we’ve ever flown.  Is anyone surprised by a German airline with the best pilots?

We did really love Cathay Pacific and I have to say that our flights on Delta have been excellent as well.

This brings me to the point of this post.

Comparing AA and JAL

Japan Airlines

Flying over on JAL was simply serene.  Part of that was due to flying west starting late in the day.  We departed mid-afternoon and flew in relative darkness most of the way to Tokyo (actually Narita).  But the conditions of the plane and JAL’s crew were really the highlights.  The plane was clean, everything looked fairly new.  The service was impeccable.  Fast, polite, friendly and accommodating.  The food was excellent, flavorful, nicely served and preceded by hot, wet towels to refresh ourselves with.  As a lifelong vegetarian, I generally get the best food on the plane – and I’m served first.  Special meals are generally served first to get the complications out of the way for food service efficiency.

This was our first flight with JAL and we are really looking forward to traveling with them again.

American Airlines

Coming back, however, we were on the AA flight from hell.  The plane was DIRTY.  I found trash in the seat-back pocket in front of me that was left over from the Obama administration.  The latch that holds the tray table in place required a plier-like grip to turn the blasted thing.  When we deplaned, it looked like something post-apocalyptic.  There was food trash, napkins and paper detritus everywhere.  It looked like a garbage can had exploded in the plane.

Warren and Slick.The.Dog

Warren and Slick.The.Dog

I travel wearing a cowboy hat.  Always.  I put it in the overhead on top of my camera carrier.  At the beginning of the flight, we are all seated and one of the flight attendants, an Asian man named Daniel (? – definitely began with a D) started slamming around and reorganizing everything in the overhead above us to make more room.

This includes my Lowepro camera sling backpack that contains over $15,000 worth of Canon Pro gear and more than 1600 absolutely priceless image files on CF cards.

In the process of forcefully rearranging the overheard he partially crushed my $120.00 white palm Resistol hat.  I stood up and told him to dial it back and that I was NOT happy about this.  He apologized and stowed my hat in the back, but the damage was already done.

On any other flight, a flight attendant has asked me before rearranging an overhead.  This is appropriate.  Having ZERO respect for the belongings of your passengers is NOT.  Some bullet points regarding the overall American Airlines experience:

  • Food service was just OK.
  • Food quality, flavor and options were not anywhere near the level of JAL.
  • The crew were brusque, sometimes rude, and generally a lot less pleasant than JAL.
  • The plane looked Tired.
  • It was full of people wheezing, hacking, coughing, sneezing (and some other dwarves).
  • The takeoff felt like the wheels were coming off.  I can’t remember the last time I was on a flight with so much lateral travel just getting off the tarmac.  No, it was not especially windy at the time.
  • The landing, likewise, had a lot of “shimmy” as the plane touched down.  It is a very disconcerting feeling – and I am far from an uneasy flier.
  • The turbulence on the flight was pretty strong and frequent.  I personally don’t mind turbulence.  I find it entertaining.  But then I like roller coasters too.
  • At one point, severe turbulence was projected ahead and the cabin crew all hustled out of the aisles.  You would have thought the Apocalypse was coming based on the announcement over the PA by our flight attendant.  It involved a great deal of shouting and he sounded like he was seeing his life pass before his eyes right then and there.  Not exactly professional or reassuring.  At all.  As it turned out, it was much ado about nothing.
  • Prior to arriving at DFW, one flight attendant coming up the aisle distributing customs forms.  He was rude, loud and yelling at the passengers.  His overall demeanor on the flight was far less than pleasant.  Why he is doing this job is a mystery.

We are NOT looking forward to flying AA again.

In fact, we will make every effort to avoid them after this experience – which is inconvenient, since Dallas is their hub.

AA is certainly not responsible for a flight full of sick people.**  Nor are they to be criticized for turbulent conditions.  No one can control these things.  They can and should, however, be held responsible for an under-maintained plane, dirty conditions and a cabin crew with attitude problems.  As travelers, we have an increasing number of choices in terms of carriers.  We don’t have to settle for substandard quality and AA seems to be setting the bar pretty low these days.


United Airlines …

And now United Airlines decides to literally drag a 69 year-old man off a flight, badly injuring him in the bargain.


I think this is a good opportunity for us all to apply for United cards so we can cut them up and mail the pieces to their headquarters.

Here’s their mailing address:

United Airlines, Inc.
Attn:  Oscar Munoz
PO Box 06649
Chicago, IL 60606-0649
United States

** Fortunately we were both very careful and came home from this lengthy trip in perfect health – or as close as we ever get to this condition.

Hong Kong Skyline Panorama

Hong Kong Skyline Panorama

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Cleaning Up American Politics

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American Politics

So full of floating turds, someone needs to pull the flush handle

I think we can all agree that American politics – and politicians in general in this country – has become so corrupt as to be far more than an embarrassment, but actually an abomination.  Our founding fathers put together a document (our Constitution) that was – and is – nothing short of genius.  They did their very best to ensure our country would not be another England, where religion was mandated by the government.  They wanted us to be free to practice (or not) any religion without government interference.  In addition, they endeavored to construct a system wherein the citizens would be able to protect themselves from government corruption and tyranny.

This system worked pretty well for a very long time.

Many improvements were made to our country over the last 2+ centuries.  Women won the right to vote, all colors and races have earned some semblance of equality (this last election cycle has proven we have a very long way to go on this score) and recently even LGBT rights have been established.  These are all excellent examples of how our system should work.

This most recent election cycle should be a source of embarrassment to every adult in this country.  The complete lack of civility and subsequent explosion of hate crimes is nothing short of an abomination.  Fifty years of progress went down the tubes.  The entire world watched as we matched the two least-likely candidates against each other – at our expense.  Two candidates that were terrible choices.  We were screwed.  No matter who won, we lost.  This was the best we could do?  Seriously?

But back to my original topic…

Unfortunately, our elected officials have cleverly subverted the brilliant system put in place by our founding fathers to their own advantage.

  • Numerous politicians have had their snouts in the public trough for over three decades.
  • They have established the best health care system our tax dollars can buy for themselves, meanwhile saddling us with the Affordable Care Act (which is neither affordable, nor care for many of us).
  • Their children do not have to pay back their student loans.  Ours do.
  • Lobbyists and special interest groups line the pockets of our representatives at ridiculous rates.
  • Our representatives “retire” with over $150k per year for life even after only one year of service.
  • They spend 30 hours per week telephoning potential donors for campaign funds.
  • They are only in session around 133 days per year.  You and I work around 240 days a year.
  • The average pay per representative is $174k per year.  More for party leaders.
  • This averages out to $163 / hr, most of which is spent trying to raise re-election funds.

So what do we do about this?

Did you know that in Iceland after a 2008 financial crash like ours, the citizens took to the streets en masse, demonstrating until the conservative Prime Minister and his entire party resigned?  They jailed bankers and re-wrote their constitution to ensure this would never happen again.  Haven’t heard about this?  The mainstream media certainly never covered it, did they?  Why do you think that is?

Again… What do we do?  Several things.

  1. By a vote of No Confidence we recall every single elected representative.
  2. We try the lot for treason.  A firing squad for those found guilty.
  3. We vote in an entirely new batch of people who swear to actually uphold the Constitution and represent us fairly.
  4. We eliminate the Federal Reserve which prints money faster than anyone can count it.
  5. We start jailing everyone responsible for the 2008 subprime lending debacle.

We put some Constitutional Amendments into place:

  1. Congress shall make no law which applies to citizens differently than Congress
  2. Repeal Citizens United
  3. No elected representative shall make more than 5% above the mean of their constituents as a result of their position
    (sucks if you represent Appalachia – pretty good if Manhattan is your district)
  4. Abolish lobbyists
  5. Put a bounty on lobbyists
    ($10 an ear should be sufficient)
  6. Term Limits – the President remains unchanged.  6 years for everyone else.
  7. Establish a 3rd party.  A 3 party system ensures no single party can lock up the entire process with a majority.
  8. Election campaigns will run exactly 6 weeks.
  9. No candidate pays for campaign ads.
  10. As a requirement for access to the public airwaves, all TV and radio stations must give a finite amount of time per week to local / national candidates for this time period.  This gets a lot of the money out of the political process and levels the playing field.
  11. Zero tolerance for negative campaign ads.  Anyone trying such tactics is disqualified.
  12. Replace “In God We Trust” with “E Pluribus Unum” as our national motto.
    (back to the way it was prior to 1956 when religion was injected into politics)

Continuing on…

  • Remove the tax exemption for churches.  These are legitimate businesses.  They should pay tax on what they collect.
    Separation of Church and State was something our founding fathers viewed as critical.
  • Repeal outrageous tax breaks for the very wealthy that enable people like Donald Trump to pay ZERO taxes.
  • Reconstruct our welfare system so those in need of help are fast-tracked out of the “system” and on to jobs that will support them and their families.
  • Single payer health care should be a right, not a privilege in any developed country.
  • Eliminate Common Core in public education.  Start building a system that actually teaches children to learn as opposed to teaching children how to take tests.
  • 2 year college degrees funded by the State.
    This way we find out if someone is serious about higher education.
  • 4 year plans available to those who apply themselves in a productive field.
    (no free liberal arts degrees)
  • College loans go back to zero interest as an incentive.
  • All current college loan interest forgiven.
  • Start an immediate draw-down of troops in any other country.  We need to stop being at war.  This is only beneficial to the military-industrial complex.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against this in 1961.  Our country benefits from war and conflict to an extent we should be ashamed of.  Enough!
  • Immigrants who truly want to assimilate should be welcomed.  This characteristic is what made America great.  Those who want to establish sub-cultures should be discouraged.
  • Zero tolerance for bigotry and racism.  Germany has done a pretty good job of this.  We should follow their example.


I could go on a lot more (and I might), but I think this is a pretty good start.

What do you think?

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Join Us Feb 4 at Fashion in the Snow

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Both Karen and I Will be Exhibiting at Fashion in the Snow Dallas

Our collective art display

This will be a fun event with a fashion show catwalk, DJ

  • Who: Warren Paul Harris, Karen Harris and Many More
  • What: Art Show, Fashion Show hosted by ANTM Model Eva Marcille
  • When: February 4, 2017 6-10 PM
  • Where: Fashion Industry Gallery 1807 Ross Ave, Ste 167 – Dallas, TX 75201
  • Why: Because this will be an amazing event!
  • Admission: $60 tickets here
  • Attire: Upscale

Event info:

Dallas and surrounding areas:

Come watch us set the stage for one of the biggest nights of fashion & entertainment.
Fashion In The Snow Dallas ( Hosted by: ANTM Eva Marcille )
This is the last week pre-sale tickets will be available.

General admission will be $80 and VIP will be $125 next week.

Purchase tickets from models and online this week!



Direct All Inquiries to: Videojunkiesmedia@gmail.com








#videojunkies #fashioninthesnow #fashioninthesnowdallas

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Art Studio Open House and Sale This Saturday

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Please Join Us for An Open House / Art Sale

Open House / Art Sale This Saturday

Hosted by Warren Paul Harris and Karen Harris

We are opening our studio to visitors this Saturday from 1-3.
We will have an array of original art and framed reproductions available to view and purchase at this time.
We will also have matted reproductions and fine art note cards available as well.
Look for this buiilding

Look for this building ^^^^

Let’s break it down (Hammer Time – sorry — couldn’t stop myself):
  1. Who: Warren Paul Harris / Karen Harris — and YOU
  2. What: Art Studio Open House / Art Sale
  3. When: Saturday January 28, 1-3 pm
  4. Where: 1113 Hampshire Ln., Richardson, TX
  5. Why: Because Art
Look for these signs:
Signs Like This

Signs Like This ^^^^^^^

1113 Hampshire Ln
Richardson, Texas
North of Arapaho between Floyd and Custer
Look for the signs.
Park in Back (if there is room)
Enter through back door
We are on the left
Art Show Collage

(Some of our work)

To recap:

  • Art Studio
  • Open House
  • Art Show
  • Original Art
  • Reproductions
  • Fine Art Note Cards
  • Original Oil Paintings
  • Photography
  • Warren Paul Harris
  • Karen Harris
  • Saturday, 1-3 pm only
  • Be there or be absent…
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RAW Artists at Gas Monkey Dallas

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Happy New Year All….

To start off the New Year with a bang, come to this really fun event!!!

CUSP at Gas Monkey Dallas








The event is

  • January 13 at:
  • 7 PM
  • Gas Monkey in Dallas (great venue)
  • Karen Harris (abstract artist from Dallas)
  • Lots of other artists
  • live music
  • fashion show
  • food
  • and more!!!!!
Karen Harris - Abstract Artist Extraordinaire

Karen Harris – Abstract Artist


















Be there or… better have a good excuse.

The deadline for ordering your tickets looms closer with each passing day. This is going to be a really cool event. I’m pretty sure you will be kicking yourself if you miss out. And we wouldn’t want that, now would we?

To pre-order your ticket and save money, click on the amazing, vibrant, one-of-a-kind, unparalleled abstract image below.

Hope to see you then!


Karen Harris – Reflections













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Dallas, Texas

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Almost 3 years ago we made the move 20 miles south from Frisco to Dallas.  We did this for a long list of reasons, but primarily for the culture.  We wanted to be closer to the Arts and Design Districts – and Deep Ellum.  Places where creative people congregate.  We also like the feel of Dallas in general.  We feel like we belong here.  In North Dallas we are 15 minutes from almost anything we are interested in and we don’t need toll roads to get there.  Surface streets provide excellent, swift access.

For about 10 years now, I have been capturing Texas in all its glory.  The minutiae is what fascinates me the most, as is evidenced in my first coffee table book, Texas As I See it.  Dallas, on the other hand, does everything on a bigger-than-life scale.  As a result, the Dallas skyline was awarded Best International Skyline status in a USA Today poll.   And it just keeps getting better as more and more structures add dramatic computer controlled lighting.  The addition of the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and the completion of the Omni Hotel were the defining moments in the evolution of the skyline in my opinion.

On various occasions since 2010 I have captured this amazing skyline.  In 2013 I had a commission to create a backdrop for KTXD TV in Dallas.  The concept was a composite Dallas / Fort Worth Skyline, which ended up being a 15 hour editing project after capturing new images around midnight on two different nights.  The result is a 204 inch wide sunrise skyline with the Texas Flag ghosted into it.

DFW Skyline

DFW Skyline

During this process I also created individual skylines of each city and produced a highly idealized version of the Dallas skyline complete with the Supermoon from 2013.  Since then I have re-shot the ever-evolving cityscape of Dallas on several occasions.  Naturally, whenever there is a Supermoon, going out to re-shoot is a good idea, as there is no better backdrop for this celestial event than Dallas.

This year I went out to capture the Beaver Moon over the skyline along with several hundred other amateur and professional photographers.  The results were fairly dramatic, but the view from the levee does not provide a complete cityscape.  Some crucial elements get left out – like the Omni Hotel.

The image below has become very popular in recent months.  This is the origin of the combination skyline and I had completely forgotten about it.  During an art show where I was exhibiting Oz, a client requested a night sky cityscape.  I looked through my Facebook gallery and resurrected this one.  As a result I have printed, delivered and installed several of these recently.  The largest one measures 86″ wide by 40″ high and is installed in an office building in Dallas.

2015 Dallas Skyline Supermoon

2015 Dallas Skyline Supermoon


The BIG INstall

The BIG Install


42" Wide Skyline over Queen Size Bed

42″ Wide Skyline over Queen Size Bed

You can see the entire Dallas gallery on my website.  I fill custom orders by email / phone, so send me a message if you’re interested in any of these.

I do all printing and framing in-house with the exception of aluminum and acrylic prints.  These I outsource.

This image is coming in next week (30×45) on aluminum for Northwestern Mutual in Dallas.  It was shot in 2015 when the Trinity River was flooded during an interview with the Dallas Observer:

BofA Calatrava Reflection

BofA Calatrava Reflection

You can see the entire Cityscapes Gallery on my website as well.  This includes Fort Worth, NYC and International locations.





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Supermoon – Beaver Moon Photos

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In case you missed the event of the decade (almost the century) this last weekend, we had a Supermoon / Beaver Moon that hasn’t happened since 1948 and won’t happen again until 2034.  A Supermoon occurs when the orbit of our moon brings it in unusually close proximity to the earth.  In this case it appeared 14% larger and 30% brighter than a typical full moon.  This, of course, brought out everyone and their dog (ours wanted to stay at home) with a camera.

BofA Supermoon II Composite

BofA Supermoon II Composite

I have been wanting to capture a full moon over the Dallas skyline for a couple of years now and this seemed like the perfect time to do it, so Sunday evening just before sunset I headed to the levee.  Doing a little preliminary research I determined the moon would rise at 73 degrees, so I parked in my usual obscure location and trudged about a quarter mile along the levee with 3o lbs of camera gear and a tripod to get set up.

There were 5 or 6 other photographers in the general vicinity and we all had our locations staked out for what we thought would be the best shot.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught a lot of frenzied activity as all the other photographers were jockeying for position and realized the moon was finally making its appearance, peeking up between the buildings.  I also hustled about 20 yards south to get a better vantage point and started shooting.

The problem with shooting the moon at sunset over the skyline is exposure.  To get the buildings reflecting sunset colors properly exposed, the moon will be vastly 0ver-exposed.  Getting the moon properly exposed renders the skyline totally black.  So…  This requires multiple exposures for every shot.  Also, to get a good close-up of the moon requires a very long lens and getting the skyline requires something more normal (around 50mm).

To shoot the moon in close-up I used a 100-400mm Canon zoomlens with a 1.4x telextender attached.  This results in a 560mm lens, which is almost enough.  1000mm is optimal.

All of the images I used are composites.  In other words, I shot numerous images with different composition and different lenses.  Then I combined them for the effect I wanted.  Using a really big lens compresses distance and makes the moon seem larger.  But…  Cutting this same moon out, enlarging it and tucking it behind the buildings produces and even more remarkable composition.

Another problem with the Dallas skyline is that all of the buildings do not light up at the same time.  To get everything illuminated optimally, you have to wait until about 8:00 this time of year.  Therefore, I had to combine file photos with new images to create some of these.

So here they are.









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